Media Coaching

You have put your heart and soul into your work and now it is time to get your work out to the world, and let people know what amazing gifts you have to share!  As a media coach, I work with clients to promote their stuff with heart and soul across all media channels, easily, effectively and with integrity and authenticity. Click here to book

Angel Channelling

You are at a crossroads, unsure about what direction to take, you want to access your own inner guidance, you want to manifest your life’s work and your heart’s desires.  I channel angel guidance to help you to get clarity and understanding about where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Click here to book

Life Coaching

You have a goal in mind, but you don’t know how to achieve it.  You may be overwhelmed, lacking focus, confused, in need of a plan.  Life coaching can identify what motivates you, what could be holding you back, and will get you on track and firing on all cylinders! Click here to book

Get Media Savvy with Victoria Mary Clarke
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Learn the basic preparations that you need to make to get media ready before you approach journalists /TV and radio producers Free LIVE webinar to answer all your questions!

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How to get your business famous, with Victoria Mary Clarke

“I would highly recommend Victoria Mary Clarke’s media coaching. Victoria is insightful, supportiveanne-walsh and good at her job. Within a week of signing up to her media Savvy coaching course she had me speaking on RTE radio with Dave Fanning and coverage in the Sunday Independent.  She has a way of picking up on things you say and delving deeper to the important bits. She is very positive and lovely to work with and would recommend if you are looking for new ways to reach out to your customers and connect with them”. 

Anne Walsh, Allergy Lifestyle Ltd

‘Victoria seems almost disappointingly normal and pleasant. She outlined my current, rather pitiful state of mind, and she was so accurate I found myself holding my breath. There were no false promises, if you are looking for sneak previews of tall, dark strangers traveling over water, or any of the usual, you’ll be coming away empMarian Keyesty-handed. Instead, it was more of an incredibly intense advice or counseling session, but one that was steeped in compassion, and had its basis in universal truths. Really, you had to be there. Because the change she wrought on me was due to much more than the effect of mere words. As I left I had no idea whether I really had been in conversation with my own personal angels, but I didn’t care. I remembered all the good things I’d already known but had managed to forget and I felt better than I had in ages-safe and cherished, restored to myself: happy to be the person living my life.’  Marian Keyes, from ‘Under the Duvet’

How to get the attention of the Media

How To Get The Attention Of The Media’ at the Irish Biz Party Inspires conference Dublin, April 2015

Could you use your relationship to promote your business?

Could you use your relationship to promote your business? Do you have a cute love story? Did you meet your partner in an unusual way? Have you had to overcome obstacles and challenges in your relationship? Is one of you much older/younger? Are you very different or very similar? Do you have unusual sexual tastes? Do you have loads of kids or no kids? Are you in a same sex relationship? Are you planning an unusual wedding? Every relationship is a story, and human beings all over the world devour relationship stories.  Remember Adam and Eve?  Romeo and Juliet?  Brad and Angelina? If you have a relationship story, you could get interviewed and featured in magazines, newspapers/TV/radio.  Most features editors are interested in a fascinating relationship story, and you can use the platform to publicise your business.  Several of my clients (including the lovely Mairead De Blaca from De Blaca jewellery) have had their relationships featured in national media and as a result they have been able to share the content on social media, thereby increasing awareness, attracting attention and followers, generating interest from other media channels and ultimately increasing sales. So why not think about using your own relationship to raise your profile? Schedule a free call with me and lets see if I can help!... read more

Too shy to promote yourself? Practice promoting someone else!

Too shy to promote yourself?  Practice promoting someone else! Lots and lots and lots of people tell me that they are too shy to put themselves forward for publicity, maybe because they are afraid of rejection/attention/approval/criticism/being seen. I understand the problem and I work with people all of the time to gently show them how to build confidence in a safe, supportive way.  One of the really great ways that I have come across is to forget about yourself for a while and PROMOTE SOMEONE ELSE! Every single one of my shy clients tells me that they wouldn’t hesitate to promote a friend or indeed anyone else that they thought deserved to be recognised and known about.  If it is their brother/sister/niece/cousin/friend there is no hesitation.  When I ask people why they think this is, they tell me that it is because that person is really good at what they do and therefore deserves promotion. Obviously, my goal is to move people past this and to get them to feel that way about promoting themselves.  But it can be extremely useful to take advantage of this willingness to promote someone else to get them to dip their toes in the water and gain experience and knowledge of pitching an idea to the media.  Think about it.  If you tell me that your friend Rachel is making the most absolutely amazing moisturiser and that the whole world needs to know about it, that is a powerful incentive to start calling journalists/researchers/producers/editors  to get Rachel the attention that she deserves! So what I suggest is that if you feel passionately about... read more

Are you holding back from pitching yourself?

Are you holding back from pitching yourself? The other day, I was working with two adorable, gorgeous clients who have a really cool and exciting story to share.  I had given them some homework…I had asked them to pitch some story ideas to various magazines and shows.  The ideas were great, and they were perfect for the mags that they wanted to get featured in.  So far, so good.  I fully expected them to do the homework! So when the excuses started coming out ……Oh, I’ve been too busy, not had time etc etc etc I enquired and delved a bit deeper.  I always recognise procrastination when I hear it!  People take the actions that they are excited about, even when they have other stuff that they ‘should’ be doing.  And they avoid the stuff that they are afraid of, even if there is only the washing up to do. It transpired that the girls were afraid to pitch their ideas because they weren’t sure they would know how to ‘do it right’.  They were afraid they might get it ‘wrong’ and mess up their chances. This made me think. A lot of people tell me that they feel this way.  Afraid to take a chance and reach out to a magazine or a show that they would like to be in/on.  They think that there is only one secret formula for pitching and that if they don’t know what it is, they will fail! And so I would like to let you in on a secret. The editors/producers/writers/bloggers out there are HUMAN BEINGS!  Well, most of us are!!!... read more

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