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Angel In Disguise Chapter One

Buy ‘Angel In Disguise’ signed for you! Chapter One: MEETING THE ANGELS.   One day, one particular day, I was feeling miserable.  Very, very miserable.  Alone and broke, fat and nearly forty, (well thirty six, actually, but close enough to the big Four O to be miserable about it), I hadn’t been able to summon up the enthusiasm to get out of bed that day, except to go to the loo.  This wasn’t unusual, much of my life had been spent in bed, but it was worrying, nonetheless.  I had whiled away the hours by alternating between dozing and daydreaming about a better life and occasionally with bouts of sobbing.  There were books to read, of course.  But I had forbidden myself to lie in bed reading, when there were more important things that needed doing.   Boxes were piled up in every available corner of the tiny room and needed to be unpacked.  The floor had never been hoovered, the bed was smelly, the sink was full of dirty dishes.  And there was the small matter of trying to earn a living.  So, being unable to muster the enthusiasm for any of the necessities, I was not about to indulge in luxuries.   I listened to the sounds of people returning from work, people who lived in the other apartments, people I knew only to say hello to, if they were accidentally encountered in the hall.  And as I comforted myself with the thought that for normal people, the working day was now over and therefore thoughts to do with work could be postponed a little longer, I... read more

You and Your Story

  Before you build a house, you gather your bricks and mortar (and stuff) and dig the foundation. Before you launch yourself out into the world, it helps to gather your raw materials and have a good look at them to see what kind of a profile you can build with them, and also to see how strong a foundation you have to support you mentally, emotionally, physically and every other way! The first module of my Mega Media Savvy coaching course focuses on you, your story and your foundation. In this session, I will probe and pry into every detail of your life, by asking you to tell me not just your own life story, but also the story of the business or entity that you want to promote. Why? Because human beings are hot-wired to engage with STORIES more fully and completely and with more impact than through simple information. If you don’t believe me, check out Or simply google ‘humans and stories’. So your story is your way of connecting with and engaging your audience in the most powerful way possible.  It is like a treasure trove full of precious jewels. Some of these jewels will already be visible to the world (like your beautiful eyes) and some will be hidden (like maybe your weird collection of vintage television sets or your insane knowledge of Royal trivia). Some of them even you have never noticed or acknowledged. We will endeavour to dig them all out and polish them until they are radiant and sparkling.   When we think of people who have been successful at promoting... read more

People are channelling their inner bitches in a good way!

‘Channelling Your Inner Bitch’ workshops came about because both my colleague Sarah Mc Candliss and I both knew that we were putting up with s**t in our lives, tolerating stuff that was making us angry, frustrated, resentful and most of all DRAINED of energy. But we both knew that it is SCARY to stand up for yourself, scary to rock the boat and risk disapproval and conflict….like a lot of people we just wanted everyone else to be really happy and to love us a lot and think we were the nicest people they knew….. But it wasn’t working. Because we were always saying yes to doing things for other people even if it was exhausting and leaving no time for our own work/health/social lives, people didn’t like us, they were scared of us!  Scared because we were irritable and cranky and prone to smashing plates and stomping around slamming doors (okay, that was just me) And so, we devised ‘Channelling You Inner Bitch’, a workshop to take people through the steps that are needed to take us from martyrs and wimps to strong, confident and assertive people. Okay, at first it is not easy.  And yes, there is a risk that some people might not approve of you, when you tell them that you wont go to their party, do their washing, listen to their bullshit, clean up their mess……… But it is worth it when you realise two thing. One….you didn’t die.  They didn’t die.  You are both still alive. Two….  You now have  all that extra time and energy that you used to spend doing stuff... read more

Would you be scared to channel your inner bitch?

Sarah and I have been doing loads of publicity for the Channelling Your Inner Bitch workshops. We got on Tubridy, The RTE Today Show and had the cover of the Sunday Independent Living section.  And even though we are getting a very positive response, lots and lots of people telling us they NEED to be more clear and assertive about what they want and need in their relationships so that they can have more energy, more peace of mind and a sense of being heard and respected by the people in their lives, there is one big elephant in the room which we had not even thought of!Channelling your inner bitch can mean having to be honest in situations that in the past you just let slide, pretended not to care about or really did not want to be honest about.  And that can be SCARY!!!! After all, we generally pretend to be fine with things for a reason, we don’t want to rock the boat, upset the apple cart, cause trouble, start a row, or make people not like us! And that is all fine, if the behaviour or the situations that we are putting up with are not causing us too much distress.  But if they are stressing us out, eating us up inside, making us angry and resentful so that we let the resentment spill over into other areas of our lives and affect the rest of our relationships, if they drag us down and cause us to feel like martyrs or doormats or hard done by or victimised, they can not only affect our health... read more

Channelling Your Inner Bitch Workshops

Are you putting up with s**t from the people in your life? Are you tolerating intolerable behaviour? Are you fed up and frustrated and SEETHING with resentment while furiously smiling and saying that you are FINE? Do you have a face on you that would rot tomatoes, which nobody else seems to even notice?

Are you ready to channel your inner bitch and revolutionise your relationships (maybe even make everybody happy, including you?).

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In the media

You can watch our appearance on RTÉ Today here:



Talking on the Dave Fanning Show, April 2016

Here is a link to a radio interview I did with Ryan Tubridy: link


Ryan is a really easy person to talk to…he makes you feel like you are just having a chat and nobody is listening!  I was delighted that he understood the idea behind the ‘bitch’ workshops, and it was lovely to get listeners tweeting about it!


Talking about the benefits of Slowwwga in the Irish Times, 25/09/2015



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