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I’m Victoria Mary Clarke, and I am many things. Angel channeller, Media Coach, Life Coach, Yoga teacher, Broadcaster, Journalist, Motivational Speaker.  My life has been dedicated to exploring ways to make life joyful, playful, plentiful and peaceful.  I have experimented a lot.

From angel channelling to bashing Johnny Depp with my handbag, from meditating with Deepak Chopra to being buried up to my neck by a nun.

Here, you will get the benefit of my research, knowledge and insights.  Whether you are looking to get guidance about challenges and questions in your life, whether you want to promote your own work or whether you just want to be entertained, read on!

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Watch Victoria & Sarah’s appearance on RTÉ Today here:

How to get your business famous, with Victoria Mary Clarke


“I would highly recommend Victoria Mary Clarke’s media coaching. Victoria is insightful, supportiveanne-walsh and good at her job. Within a week of signing up to her media Savvy coaching course she had me speaking on RTE radio with Dave Fanning and coverage in the Sunday Independent.  She has a way of picking up on things you say and delving deeper to the important bits. She is very positive and lovely to work with and would recommend if you are looking for new ways to reach out to your customers and connect with them”. 

Anne Walsh, Allergy Lifestyle Ltd

‘Victoria seems almost disappointingly normal and pleasant. She outlined my current, rather pitiful state of mind, and she was so accurate I found myself holding my breath. There were no false promises, if you are looking for sneak previews of tall, dark strangers traveling over water, or any of the usual, you’ll be coming away empMarian Keyesty-handed. Instead, it was more of an incredibly intense advice or counseling session, but one that was steeped in compassion, and had its basis in universal truths. Really, you had to be there. Because the change she wrought on me was due to much more than the effect of mere words. As I left I had no idea whether I really had been in conversation with my own personal angels, but I didn’t care. I remembered all the good things I’d already known but had managed to forget and I felt better than I had in ages-safe and cherished, restored to myself: happy to be the person living my life.’  Marian Keyes, from ‘Under the Duvet’

How to get the attention of the Media

How To Get The Attention Of The Media’ at the Irish Biz Party Inspires conference Dublin, April 2015

Do you have ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

Do you have ‘Imposter Syndrome’? Have you spent years and years and an absolute fortune on trainings/courses/advanced trainings/workshops/diplomas/programmes only to STILL feel that you are not quite ready to go out into the world and offer people a chance to try/buy your skills?  Do you think that you might be ready one day in the future when you have completed a few more programmes and trainings? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be suffering from ‘Imposter Syndrome’! You would not be alone. Many of the most world’s most talented and famous artists/writers/painters/actors/musicians/academics/scientists/leaders have struggled with this problem. Academy Award winner Jodie Foster told 60 Minutes she feared she’s have to give her Oscar back after winning best actor for The Accused. “I thought it was a fluke,” she said in the interview. “[It was] the same way when I walked on the campus at Yale. I thought everybody would find out, and they’d take the Oscar back. They’d come to my house, knocking on the door, ‘Excuse me, we meant to give that to someone else. That was going to Meryl Streep.'” Academy award winning actor Kate Winslet says fame doesn’t give you confidence. “Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going off to a shoot, and I think, I can’t do this. I’m a fraud,” she told author Susan Pinker. Chuck Lorre, writer and creator of hits such as Two and Half Men and The Big Bang Theory told National Public Radio that he needs to “go and hide”. “When you go and watch a rehearsal of something you’ve written and it stinks, the natural... read more

Do you PROCRASTINATE about promoting yourself?

Do you PROCRASTINATE about promoting yourself? Do you hesitate to let people know about your business? Are you waiting to be ‘ready’ to put yourself out there? Are you secretly afraid of what might happen if you got clients/sales? For many, many years I was like that!  I was afraid that people would criticise me and my work, afraid that people would say I was rubbish and that I didn’t know what I was talking about, afraid that people would say I was ripping people off, afraid that people would hate me and be angry with me!  I was like this about teaching yoga, giving workshops, doing angel channelling for people and media coaching.  I know what it feels like! What was the result of my feeling this way? I hardly ever promoted my work. I only wanted close friends to come, no strangers! I was inconsistent about working. I made sure that my website had no sales message whatsoever, no call to action and no way to pay me! I regularly turned down clients. I hoped that hardly anyone would come to my workshops. Where did that get me? I was frustrated and broke and unfulfilled and envious of people who were successful in their businesses. So what happened? The change started with a decision. I decided that I wanted something different. I decided that I wanted to be successful. In order to do this, I needed to find out what was getting in my way. I didn’t know what I could do to fix the situation, so I worked with a coach to identify what my limiting... read more

Do You Doubt That You Are Good Enough?

Do You Doubt That You Are Good Enough? So you have a passion, a talent, an invention, a product or a service.  You have poured your heart and soul into creating it and making it the very best it can be.  In your dreams, you imagine loads and loads of people discovering you, raving about you, buying from you and being delighted by what you have brought to their world.  You are the cream on their profiterole, the steam in their latte, the sun coming out on a winter’s day.  You have changed lives!  You have made the world a better place!  You have inspired hope and brought joy! But no.  Alas not.  Because nobody actually knows you exist, at least not very many people do, only your immediate circle.   Why?  Because you are shy.  You worry that you might not be quite good enough yet to venture out into the world.  You just want to stay safe.  You just want to stay small.  You just want to hide.  Sure maybe the right people will find you, eventually? Maybe they will. But when you are hesitant, when you try to hide, when you want to stay invisible, it is not so easy for people to discover you! You need to ask yourself this question. ‘WHAT am I really getting from hiding???’ ‘What am I really getting from staying invisible?” Am I getting anything of real value? And you need to ask yourself ‘What do I really want?’ If you really really really want the world to benefit from what you have to offer, you need to explode and... read more

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