What is Angel Channelling?

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Help! Is it Ever Right to Fight a War?

war oneEvery time I turn on the News, I see people fighting in all kinds of different wars, all over the world. I just wondered what the angels would think about war? So I asked them!
Is it ever a good idea to fight a war? Continue reading

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What the Guides Have Whispered – August 7th 2014

Originally posted on Anne Danielle Gingras - Intuitive Reader:

Woke up with a very insight to share with all of you …. I asked about war – and sadness – and destruction – and what we can do to make it better…

I received this answer – Anne : it’s no longer about the six degrees of separation – you have to realize that you are ALL connected … from the smallest ant to the biggest elephant – human kind included. So, while you may not be able to ‘directly’ affect what goes on in other lands – your actions WITH and IN your immediate surroundings reverberate throughout the Universe – at all times. Thoughts – actions words – intentions – are all strong and powerful. So be strong. Be gentle. Be positive. Share hope and Love . And watch the World change itself – you included …..

Something for us to ponder and share – for sure ……

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There are enormous numbers of Light bearers, workers, and way-showers on Earth at this time.

Originally posted on Johnsmallman's Blog:

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday August 5th

Your awakening is assured.  I am just reassuring you because so many of you have doubts, sometimes intense doubts, and those doubts need to be assuaged so that they do not drag you down into the gloom and uncertainty of the illusion.  You are all in the process of rising up out of it so that you can look on it and those engaged there, seemingly very firmly anchored in it, with loving compassion and without being drawn into the pain and suffering that so many are undergoing.

Your task is to spread Light, Love, and healing to all with whom you interact, and in order to do that you yourselves need to feel the Light and the Love within yourselves.  You can only share what you have, and first you have to know that you have it, then, without thinking about it…

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It Is Time To Stop Hiding

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

It is time, my beloved child, to begin examining your fears.  How often have you run from them; hiding behind a mask, heart beating much too fast, hoping they would not find you?  Somehow, and true to the very nature of fear, they always manage to find you with decisive precision.

Rather than running from them, turn and face

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Help! Things Are Not Going My Way!!!

frustration 1Sometimes it looks like everything in my life is working out the way I want it to, and all the things that I have been working on are working out.
But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way at all!
Sometimes it seems as if the things I want are slipping out of my grasp and running the other way!
So I asked the angels if they had any advice.
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Help! I am Constantly Critical!

Originally posted on VictoriaMaryClarke:

This is a conversation that I had with the angels about the horrors of being constantly critical of everything.


My Human Self is very critical of everything, especially of myself.

I know the soul self sees the good in everything.

The soul self does not spend her time mentally complaining about everything in her life.

I have a problem with this!

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A Lovely new Testimonial!

housewifeObviously I LOVE to get testimonials, it makes me feel that I really do have something of value to share and that is a terrific buzz!!!!
Here is a new one from Natalie, who had a session on Skype

I wasn’t too sure what to expect in my Victoria Mary session. It went effortlessly. The communication from the other side was crystal clear. And it was so freaking uplifting. I wrote everything down as VM spoke and I’ve gone back and reviewed what she communicated several times. Each time, I feel better and better. It was time and money well spent. –Natalie

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