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All About That Energy!

If I were in a fairy-tale, I would be that fairy godmother type, the one who waves a magic wand and grants you what you want.

My wish is to be the genie, the magic potion the leprechaun who delivers your fantabulous perfect life, complete with pots of gold, endless energy and sweet serenity as well as anything else your heart desires.

My own life has been dedicated to having the best time possible, manifesting the stuff of my dreams (without injuring myself or anyone else) finding the easiest ways to make that happen, and to inspiring and guiding other people who want to have the best time possible, too.

To this end I have allowed myself to explore a vast array of interesting, amusing, weird, crazy, glamorous, dubious and glorious activities, practices and modalities…..from angel channelling live on the radio to bashing Johnny Depp with my handbag and from dining with Vivienne Westwood to being buried up to my neck in sand by a Thai nun.

On this website, you will get the benefit of all of my many, many, many years of research and development without your having to get your hands dirty.

The Blog

The blog is full of incredibly useful advice that I have channelled from the wise, witty and wonderful angels, for all kinds of challenges, problems and conundrums, ranging from what to do if you are addicted to caffeine (and simply cant quit) to what to do if you want to manifest a job or a house or a lover or even a handbag.

The Interviews

Over the years I have interviewed many, many, many hugely fascinating and inspiring people. Some of them are famous for being inspirational, like Deepak Chopra (link to interview) Paolo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Bob Geldof, Byron Katie, Goldie Hawn and Dadi Janki.

Some of them are fascinating because they are hugely famous and successful in their fields and they have often (but not always) made piles of cash in the process….like Van Morrison, JP Donleavy, Jilly Cooper, Jeremy Irons, Barbara Taylor Bradford, (etc)

Some of them are inspiring because they have had to overcome enormous challenges in their lives, and they can show us ways to handle those same challenges if they arise in our lives, or at least they can show us that it is possible to overcome those challenges.

Some of them are inspiring just because they have achieved their dreams and they are living awesome, happy lives and they can show us that this is possible!

Some of them combine all four attributes and they can really blow your mind. Either way, they all make for entertaining reading.

Help! Advice from Angels

Angel Guidance via email

Recently, I have been doing a lot of channelled guidance via email……you just email me a question and I tune in and ask the angels to dictate the answer.  It seems to be working very well, and I have had a number of lovely testimonials.  A great way to get guidance for one burning issue without having to make an appointment and come and see me! This is the link to book an email channelling These are a few of the testimonials: ‘I have had a couple of email channelling sessions with Victoria now and they have really given me food for thought. It may not always be what you expect to hear but it certainly makes you look at the wider picture of your life. Victoria has such a calming influence on me and has given me great guidance and advice. I have no doubt that she will continue to do this as I cannot imagine doing anything important now without asking her first! This last reading has blown me away because it was so in-depth and very thought provoking. Amazing woman, amazing reading… thank you.’ Lynne, Shropshire   ‘Dear Victoria, Thank you very much for this reading, which is insightful, comforting and answers my question. I have read and re-read the response you have been given and can almost feel the gentleness imparted by your guides within the words to me as the questioner. I feel like I have just been given a very big “hug” and again am most grateful to you for bringing this through. We are all busy in this life and get... read more

Help! I have Post Electric Picnic Blues!

After having a really, really amazing time at a festival called ‘Electric Picnic’ at the weekend, I am finding normal life grim! People are not laughing and smiling and dressing up in crazy clothes and having fun in my neighbourhood.  There isn’t a sense of joy and excitement in the air and I miss the lovely feeling of wandering around bumping into friends and living in a sort of village where almost everyone is friendly.  I asked the angels for some help with post festival blues! This is what they said. A We sense that even as you say that you miss all of these feelings and experiences that you enjoyed at the festival, there is a part of you who is firmly convinced that ‘real’ life is not a festival, that real life is not festive and that this is how it is supposed to be. You say that you feel blue when you find yourself back in ‘normal life.  We would ask you if this is how you would like your life to be?  Or if you would like to experiment a little with having a more festive life? Me Well of course i would like my real life to be more festive!  But as you say, that is not how real life generally is.  We only get festive on occasion, and the rest of the time we get on with it. A Supposing there were a way in which you could add all of these elements that you describe to your everyday life?  Would that interest you? Me Yes it would! A You speak of a... read more

Help! Is it Ever Right to Fight a War?

Every time I turn on the News, I see people fighting in all kinds of different wars, all over the world. I just wondered what the angels would think about war? So I asked them! Is it ever a good idea to fight a war? Obviously, in an ideal world people would not kill each other, but what if one group of people are attacking another group, such as is happening in lots of places at the moment? Is it ever a good plan to attack them, in order to stop them from doing it? A This is an excellent question! As you say, there are many groups of people attacking and killing other groups of people in your world, and sometimes it may seem that the only course of action is to intervene and kill those people. Of course there is no simple answer to this question. Instead, there are questions to be asked. Supposing you had twelve children, and four of those children began attacking and killing the other children? Would you think it a good plan to intervene and kill the troublesome four? Me Good question! I would hope to be able to stop them without killing them? A Ah, but supposing the children were armed and determined, and supposing they turned their weapons on you, when you tried to stop them? Would you think it a good plan to kill them? Me I suppose I would have no choice? A Is it true that you would have no choice? Me I would have the choice to do nothing. And if they could not be reasoned... read more

Help! Things Are Not Going My Way!!!

Sometimes it looks like everything in my life is working out the way I want it to, and all the things that I have been working on are working out. But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way at all! Sometimes it seems as if the things I want are slipping out of my grasp and running the other way! So I asked the angels if they had any advice. Me Things are just not happening the way I want them to! I have some things that I would like to have happen, and some of them seem to be gradually coming together, but some of them seem to be ebbing and flowing, like the tide. For a while they seem to be going my way and then it is like they stop and turn around and start going the other way! I don’t know how better to explain it. Things that I have really wanted for ages and have done all the manifesting meditations on them, like book deals and other stuff. A This is a great question to answer, and a very important one! Many of you will be experiencing this also. You will have selected some things that you would like to have happen and you will have focussed on bringing them about. You may have visualised them and intended them and affirmed them and taken what seemed like all of the right steps towards bringing them about and it may have seemed as though all kinds of fortuitous opportunities were presenting themselves, and all kinds of doors were opening and then all of a sudden Wham!... read more

Help! I Hate this Crap Weather!

  I find it hard not to feel gloomy when the weather is gloomy. Especially when it is supposed to be summer, and I would ideally like to be spending some time out of doors!   I wondered what the angels would feel about bad weather, so I asked them. Sometimes the bad weather is not so bad because I am busy doing things indoors.  But after a while it gets tedious.  And I just find that I am more ‘down’ than up, when the weather is bad.  How would my Angel Self feel about bad weather?   A   It is perfectly natural to have preferences.  You enjoy being out of doors and you prefer not to be getting wet, at least not when you are wearing clothes!  You are asking how your Angel Self would view this situation, and how the response of your soul might be different to that of your human self.  The first thing you might notice about your soul’s response is that it is fully accepting of the weather, just exactly as it is.  As you are writing this, it is raining outside.  What are some of the thoughts that go through the mind, as you consider the rain?   Me.   How unfair it is.  What a pain in the ass it is.  What a waste of a summer.  How depressing, how disappointing.  I think about how people in other countries are enjoying sunshine right now, while I am here in Ireland where it is always raining.  On a bad day, I think about staying in bed.  Or I think about how... read more
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The Interviews

Peter Doherty

One of the most fun, most fascinating interviews that I have ever done, and the story looks like it has taken a rather more healthy turn!   Peter Doherty Interview Vogue Hommes International Spring Summer 2007 Copyright Victoria Mary Clarke When I arrived at Claridge’s, Pete Doherty was already there, elegant in a black Dior Homme cape and stack-heel boots.  Elegant, but nervous. I asked him if he liked the surroundings. “Yes but I’m not sure if they like me,” he whispered. His voice was so difficult to hear that you had to lean in close to catch it. Perhaps it was deliberate, perhaps not. It worked. I asked him why he had agreed to the interview. He looked at me very carefully, as if to asses whether it was a serious question. “I like reading other people’s interpretations of me. And then running into them again…” This, I could interpret as a threat, I suggested. “Or maybe I’m just vain, and I like reading about myself in the papers”. In the News of the World that week, there had been sensational stories of Pete selling drugs and sex. “You knew he was wild, you know he was a junkie. But today we uncover the sordid secret past of rocker Pete Doherty and even his supermodel lover Kate Moss will be astounded by our revelations…”, the paper teased. So far, with his charming manners and considered approach, the truth about Pete seemed to differ from the image. “Thank God!” he laughed. “Some of your pictures are pretty hideous,” I said. “Absolutely disgraceful. Kate photographs good, though”. He mused, for... read more

Speaking with Self Session 22 Now Live

Session 22 – Love and Forgiveness The new session on Speaking with Self is now ready for download. The questions asked were: 1. Who is benefitting the most when forgiveness is offered? 2. How can I forgive when the actions done to me have only brought me pain? 3. Explain to me why love and forgiveness are so closely tied. You can access these recordings HERE. Suzanne Spooner’s Infinity Healers site is HERE. and Dolores Cannon’s site is HERE. We hope you enjoy these.   Original... read more

Introduction from the Angels

This is an excerpt from the angels introduction to my next book ‘Angel Advice For Everyday Situations’ which is coming out soon! In the gap between the thoughts you are having now and the thoughts that you will have about these thoughts, there exists an opportunity to taste this love, to have a direct experience of it. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will find that it is not possible to entirely forget that it exists. If we come together in this way to do only one thing, it is to tempt you with this love, to tempt you to experience it, and to tempt you to share it. This is our blessing to you. We hope and suspect that you will enjoy it. You may be wondering who or what it is that is speaking to you. We wish you to know that we are a collection of light beings who come to you in answer to your requests for assistance in your journey of evolution as human beings. You are evolving into beings who can be simultaneously conscious of a physical existence and also of a spiritual or energetic one. You are evolving into a race of beings who can be aware of yourselves as individuals, whilst at the same time aware of yourselves as one being. It is a beautiful thing that you are doing and we foresee endless possibilities for joy in your existence. We can be of assistance in holding a vision of this joy and in broadcasting frequencies of peace and love so that you can more easily access them in... read more

Teachings of the Buddha

I think I would have to agree with almost all of this! TEACHINGS FROM Buddha The following words of wisdom come from the teachings of the Buddha and those meditation masters who have followed the Buddha’s path of happiness. The simple verses on this page explore the themes of individual awareness and kindness, wise relationships, and the interconnection of all beings. At their heart they simply remind us that we too can live with the wakefulness and compassion of a Buddha. May these words and practices bring you inspiration, wisdom, and delight. Live every act fully, as if it were your last. Love in the past is only a memory. Love in the future is a fantasy. Only here and now can we truly love. Most of the sorrows of the earth humans cause for themselves. Even loss and betrayal can bring us awakening. Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Wherever you go, there you are. Our own worst enemy cannot harm us as much as our unwise thoughts. No one can help us as much as our own compassionate thoughts. In one’s family, respect and listening are the source of harmony. To give your cow or sheep a large, spacious meadow is the best way to control him. To open our own heart like a Buddha, we must embrace the ten thousand joys and the ten thousand sorrows. The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or... read more

Eckhart Tolle Interview

Eckhart Tolle is a very funny guy who has written some extremely helpful and inspiring books, such as ‘The Power Of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’. I had the very good fortune to be asked to interview him a couple of years ago and I thought I might share the wit and wisdom here! Eckhart Tolle copyright Victoria Mary Clarke 2010- Given all the trouble and strife in the world, it is a very brave man indeed  who comes along and says he has the solution to the problem.  Eckhart Tolle is such a man.  For those not familiar with him, Eckhart is a German born spiritual teacher who has written several international best-sellers including ‘The Power Of Now’ and more recently ‘A New Earth,’ which has already sold six million copies and is recommended by Oprah.  On the back cover of ‘A New Earth’ it says that ‘Eckhart Tolle will give you the confidence to let go of fear, anxiety and the eternal quest for more.’ If you read the book, it says, you will ‘stop defining your life and start living it with true openness and freedom.’ Given the kind of world that we live in, one has two choices, I feel.  One can accept that we are all doomed and the planet is doomed and that things will just keep getting worse.  Or one can actively seek out ideas and opportunities to make a difference, and take action on them.  Personally, I am in favour of trying out ideas, in case one of them works, which is why I was extremely keen to read Eckhart’s book... read more

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The Art of Living Radio Show is broadcast every Thursday on Dublin City FM – with me, Victoria Mary Clarke. Join me as I talk to some of the most fascinating people working in Dublin, and all the cool things they do.

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Just must say how great it feels to have discovered how great it feels to just lie on a mat and breathe and stretch a bit! The joy of doing yoga that is not about hard work and building muscle and sweat and strain, but is just pure bliss! No rules, no sanskrit names, no way you can get the alignment wrong, no chattaranga or plank…yoga that is as nice as ice cream on a hot day. Slowwwga? Click the icon for more. Namaste Bitches x


‘Victoria seems almost disappointingly normal and pleasant. She outlined my current, rather pitiful state of mind, and she was so accurate I found myself holding my breath. There were no false promises, if you are looking for sneak previews of tall, dark strangers traveling over water, or any of the usual, you’ll be coming away empty-handed. Instead, it was more of an incredibly intense advice or counseling session, but one that was steeped in compassion, and had its basis in universal truths. Really, you had to be there. Because the change she wrought on me was due to much more than the effect of mere words. As I left I had no idea whether I really had been in conversation with my own personal angels, but I didn’t care. I remembered all the good things I’d already known but had managed to forget and I felt better than I had in ages-safe and cherished, restored to myself: happy to be the person living my life.
~ Marian Keyes, from ‘Under the Duvet’

Marian Keyes



A book about angels may cause some to raise a cynical eyebrow but this book avoids any kind of obvious pigeonhole. In fact it details Victoria Clarke’s journey of self discovery: from her lowest moments and learning through her mistakes with these non interfering beings that gently guide her in the right direction to where her self confidence is rebuilt. This book is self affirming – the books tone is both self depreciating and warm as is Victoria herself. Although that character Ronan seems a bit of a scoundrel. A great read!

Rebecca Guinness