Media Coaching

You have put your heart and soul into your work and now it is time to get your work out to the world, and let people know what amazing gifts you have to share!  As a media coach, I work with clients to promote their stuff with heart and soul across all media channels, easily, effectively and with integrity and authenticity. Click here to book

Angel Channelling

You are at a crossroads, unsure about what direction to take, you want to access your own inner guidance, you want to manifest your life’s work and your heart’s desires.  I channel angel guidance to help you to get clarity and understanding about where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Click here to book

Life Coaching

You have a goal in mind, but you don’t know how to achieve it.  You may be overwhelmed, lacking focus, confused, in need of a plan.  Life coaching can identify what motivates you, what could be holding you back, and will get you on track and firing on all cylinders! Click here to book

Hello from Victoria Mary Clarke

Watch Victoria & Sarah’s appearance on RTÉ Today here:

How to get your business famous, with Victoria Mary Clarke

“I would highly recommend Victoria Mary Clarke’s media coaching. Victoria is insightful, supportiveanne-walsh and good at her job. Within a week of signing up to her media Savvy coaching course she had me speaking on RTE radio with Dave Fanning and coverage in the Sunday Independent.  She has a way of picking up on things you say and delving deeper to the important bits. She is very positive and lovely to work with and would recommend if you are looking for new ways to reach out to your customers and connect with them”. 

Anne Walsh, Allergy Lifestyle Ltd

‘Victoria seems almost disappointingly normal and pleasant. She outlined my current, rather pitiful state of mind, and she was so accurate I found myself holding my breath. There were no false promises, if you are looking for sneak previews of tall, dark strangers traveling over water, or any of the usual, you’ll be coming away empMarian Keyesty-handed. Instead, it was more of an incredibly intense advice or counseling session, but one that was steeped in compassion, and had its basis in universal truths. Really, you had to be there. Because the change she wrought on me was due to much more than the effect of mere words. As I left I had no idea whether I really had been in conversation with my own personal angels, but I didn’t care. I remembered all the good things I’d already known but had managed to forget and I felt better than I had in ages-safe and cherished, restored to myself: happy to be the person living my life.’  Marian Keyes, from ‘Under the Duvet’

How to get the attention of the Media

How To Get The Attention Of The Media’ at the Irish Biz Party Inspires conference Dublin, April 2015

How to get yourself on the radio

How to get yourself on the radio. Do you have a very cool/amazing/valuable/wonderful thing to offer the world?  Maybe it is a book that you wrote, or maybe you are a Life Coach or a garden designer or a bee-keeper or a jeweller or maybe you make cakes.  Whatever it is that you do, you probably put your heart and soul into creating it, and you more than likely LOVE it when other people get to hear about it and get to buy it and when they love it and appreciate it and tell you how much it means to them. I know that I get incredibly excited when people tell me that my work made a difference in their lives and genuinely helped them to get their work out to the world and make everyone’s life happier!  It is a total win-win situation when your clients and customers love your stuff!  But the thing is, for the customers to buy from you, they need to know that you exist, and the number one problem that most people have is getting the message out about what they do and how to find it.  One great way to let the world know about you is by going on the radio…..local radio, community radio, national and international radio and just chatting about what you have got to offer.  You would be amazed at how many people are listening to the radio right now!  According to UNESCO figures, it is 95% of people.  So you might think everyone you want to reach is on Facebook, but actually only 1.28 billion of us... read more

Do you need to look AMAZING for publicity?

  Do you need to look amazing for publicity? People often ask me if it matters what you look like, when it comes to getting publicity for your business. Okay!   This is a biggie for a lot of people.  Many of my clients tell me that it is so big for them that it has put them off getting publicity at all!  Some of them feel very frustrated even just thinking about it! So what is the truth? Does it make any difference what you look like? The answer is not a simple one, there are many factors that you need to be aware of. Television, newspapers and magazines are all visual media, and this means that yes, people will notice what you look like and this will undoubtedly influence the way that they respond to you.  It is also true that most of the magazine and newspaper editors that I have met and worked for are strongly biased in favour of visually appealing people.  And I double checked for this blog post, they all agreed that the visual image that you present them with will often be more important than the story. But just because editors and producers tend to like people who are pretty does not mean that your customers will!  Sometimes, in fact quite often people who are too ‘groomed’ can come off as false, slick, untrustworthy or not likeable and even as dumb!  Think about it.  Perhaps you have experienced an unconscious bias in your own reactions to people who look too good?  And we all remember Susan Boyle not just because of her amazing... read more

Could you use your relationship to promote your business?

Could you use your relationship to promote your business? Do you have a cute love story? Did you meet your partner in an unusual way? Have you had to overcome obstacles and challenges in your relationship? Is one of you much older/younger? Are you very different or very similar? Do you have unusual sexual tastes? Do you have loads of kids or no kids? Are you in a same sex relationship? Are you planning an unusual wedding? Every relationship is a story, and human beings all over the world devour relationship stories.  Remember Adam and Eve?  Romeo and Juliet?  Brad and Angelina? If you have a relationship story, you could get interviewed and featured in magazines, newspapers/TV/radio.  Most features editors are interested in a fascinating relationship story, and you can use the platform to publicise your business.  Several of my clients (including the lovely Mairead De Blaca from De Blaca jewellery) have had their relationships featured in national media and as a result they have been able to share the content on social media, thereby increasing awareness, attracting attention and followers, generating interest from other media channels and ultimately increasing sales. So why not think about using your own relationship to raise your profile? Schedule a free call with me and lets see if I can help!... read more

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