Channelling Your Inner Bitch Workshops

Channelling Your Inner Bitch Workshops

Are you putting up with s**t from the people in your life? Are you tolerating intolerable behaviour? Are you fed up and frustrated and SEETHING with resentment while furiously smiling and saying that you are FINE? Do you have a face on you that would rot tomatoes, which nobody else seems to even notice?

Are you ready to channel your inner bitch and revolutionise your relationships (maybe even make everybody happy, including you?).

Does fortune-telling actually work?

I have always been very curious about fortune telling, and I have spent a fortune on having readings myself, over the years! It occurred to me to ask the angels what they think of it and whether they think it works. Dear Angels I am curious. Does fortune telling actually work? Can people predict other people’s futures? Is it ever really helpful? If it does work, which kind is best? Tarot? Palmistry? Tea leaves? And how do you know if the fortune teller that you go to is any good? A Dearest one, there are several answers to your questions! Firstly, does fortune telling work? At times, yes it does. At times, one person will be able to accurately predict what will happen to another person. And at other times, the predictions that are made might not ‘come true’ or may happen in ways that have not been predicted. And so, you might well ask in what circumstances does fortune telling work and in what circumstances does it not? The truth is that you are constantly shifting and changing what ‘happens’ to you. The things that appear in your ‘future’ today may not actually happen. You may change something in your own approach to your life, or in your belief system or in your energy field that results in a different outcome to the one that has been predicted. You may decide that the outcome is not one that you would like to experience, and you might make changes that prevent it from happening. It is a very interesting question, this one of ‘fortune –telling’ and not only whether...

Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one can be extremely hard for those of us who are left behind.  This is a conversation with the angels that I channelled when Sebastian Horsley, one of my very dearest friends died.  It may be helpful for anyone who has lost a loved one. One of the most challenging situations I can think of is death.  Especially the death of those I love.  Sebastian, one of my dearest friends just died, and it is hard not to think only negative thoughts about it, even though I like to think of myself as enlightened!  I think about how I will miss him, how I don’t know where he is, or what has happened to him.  I don’t know if he has any awareness of me anymore, or of anyone.  I don’t know if he can be reached, communicated with in the way we used to communicate.  I don’t know how not to feel that it is bad that he died.  Can you help? A. Dearest one, it is indeed true that death represents a tremendous challenge for all but the most enlightened human beings!  Therefore it does not mean that you are not enlightened, the fact that you have mixed feelings when you think about it.  For of all the situations that you will encounter, this one requires the most radical re-alignment of your perspective on life, if you are to not only accept it, but also to embrace it. However evolved you may be in your outlook, you are essentially programmed to want to stay alive and to hold onto those things which...
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