Do You Doubt That You Are Good Enough?

Do You Doubt That You Are Good Enough?

Do You Doubt That You Are Good Enough? So you have a passion, a talent, an invention, a product or a service.  You have poured your heart and soul into creating it and making it the very best it can be.  In your dreams, you imagine loads and loads of people discovering you, raving about you, buying from you and being delighted by what you have brought to their world.  You are the cream on their profiterole, the steam in their latte, the sun coming out on a winter’s day.  You have changed lives!  You have made the world a better place!  You have inspired hope and brought joy! But no.  Alas not.  Because nobody actually knows you exist, at least not very many people do, only your immediate circle.   Why?  Because you are shy.  You worry that you might not be quite good enough yet to venture out into the world.  You just want to stay safe.  You just want to stay small.  You just want to hide.  Sure maybe the right people will find you, eventually? Maybe they will. But when you are hesitant, when you try to hide, when you want to stay invisible, it is not so easy for people to discover you! You need to ask yourself this question. ‘WHAT am I really getting from hiding???’ ‘What am I really getting from staying invisible?” Am I getting anything of real value? And you need to ask yourself ‘What do I really want?’ If you really really really want the world to benefit from what you have to offer, you need to explode and...
What would YOU ask the Angels Advice About?

What would YOU ask the Angels Advice About?

I have had LOTS of questions for the angels to advise me about over the years.  But it would be lovely to know what you want help with, because there is a chance that I might run out of problems!  And I do love asking for advice….  So please contact me and let me know what topics you would like advice about.  Please note that they need to be general enough for everyone to benefit from the advice, if you do have a specific problem or challenge and you want advice that is personal, you can always book a reading in person or on...
Help!  I have Post Electric Picnic Blues!

Help! I have Post Electric Picnic Blues!

After having a really, really amazing time at a festival called ‘Electric Picnic’ at the weekend, I am finding normal life grim! People are not laughing and smiling and dressing up in crazy clothes and having fun in my neighbourhood.  There isn’t a sense of joy and excitement in the air and I miss the lovely feeling of wandering around bumping into friends and living in a sort of village where almost everyone is friendly.  I asked the angels for some help with post festival blues! This is what they said. A We sense that even as you say that you miss all of these feelings and experiences that you enjoyed at the festival, there is a part of you who is firmly convinced that ‘real’ life is not a festival, that real life is not festive and that this is how it is supposed to be. You say that you feel blue when you find yourself back in ‘normal life.  We would ask you if this is how you would like your life to be?  Or if you would like to experiment a little with having a more festive life? Me Well of course i would like my real life to be more festive!  But as you say, that is not how real life generally is.  We only get festive on occasion, and the rest of the time we get on with it. A Supposing there were a way in which you could add all of these elements that you describe to your everyday life?  Would that interest you? Me Yes it would! A You speak of a...
Help!  Is it Ever Right to Fight a War?

Help! Is it Ever Right to Fight a War?

Every time I turn on the News, I see people fighting in all kinds of different wars, all over the world. I just wondered what the angels would think about war? So I asked them! Is it ever a good idea to fight a war? Obviously, in an ideal world people would not kill each other, but what if one group of people are attacking another group, such as is happening in lots of places at the moment? Is it ever a good plan to attack them, in order to stop them from doing it? A This is an excellent question! As you say, there are many groups of people attacking and killing other groups of people in your world, and sometimes it may seem that the only course of action is to intervene and kill those people. Of course there is no simple answer to this question. Instead, there are questions to be asked. Supposing you had twelve children, and four of those children began attacking and killing the other children? Would you think it a good plan to intervene and kill the troublesome four? Me Good question! I would hope to be able to stop them without killing them? A Ah, but supposing the children were armed and determined, and supposing they turned their weapons on you, when you tried to stop them? Would you think it a good plan to kill them? Me I suppose I would have no choice? A Is it true that you would have no choice? Me I would have the choice to do nothing. And if they could not be reasoned...
Help!  Things Are Not Going My Way!!!

Help! Things Are Not Going My Way!!!

Sometimes it looks like everything in my life is working out the way I want it to. But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way at all! Sometimes it seems as if the things I want are slipping out of my grasp and running the other way! So I asked the angels if they had any advice. Me Things are just not happening the way I want them to! I have some things that I would like to have happen, and some of them seem to be gradually coming together, but some of them seem to be ebbing and flowing, like the tide. For a while they seem to be going my way and then it is like they stop and turn around and start going the other way! I don’t know how better to explain it. Things that I have really wanted for ages and have done all the manifesting meditations on them, like book deals and other stuff. A This is a great question to answer, and a very important one! Many of you will be experiencing this also. You will have selected some things that you would like to have happen and you will have focussed on bringing them about. You may have visualised them and intended them and affirmed them and taken what seemed like all of the right steps towards bringing them about and it may have seemed as though all kinds of fortuitous opportunities were presenting themselves, and all kinds of doors were opening and then all of a sudden Wham! Those opportunities may not have turned out to be quite as fortuitous as...
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