Help!  I Hate this Crap Weather!

Help! I Hate this Crap Weather!

    I find it hard not to feel gloomy when the weather is gloomy. Especially when it is supposed to be summer, and I would ideally like to be spending some time out of doors!   I wondered what the angels would feel about bad weather, so I asked them. Sometimes the bad weather is not so bad because I am busy doing things indoors.  But after a while it gets tedious.  And I just find that I am more ‘down’ than up, when the weather is bad.  How would my Angel Self feel about bad weather?   A   It is perfectly natural to have preferences.  You enjoy being out of doors and you prefer not to be getting wet, at least not when you are wearing clothes!  You are asking how your Angel Self would view this situation, and how the response of your soul might be different to that of your human self.  The first thing you might notice about your soul’s response is that it is fully accepting of the weather, just exactly as it is.  As you are writing this, it is raining outside.  What are some of the thoughts that go through the mind, as you consider the rain?   Me.   How unfair it is.  What a pain in the ass it is.  What a waste of a summer.  How depressing, how disappointing.  I think about how people in other countries are enjoying sunshine right now, while I am here in Ireland where it is always raining.  On a bad day, I think about staying in bed.  Or I think about...
Help!  I Hate Fame But I Want to be Famous!

Help! I Hate Fame But I Want to be Famous!

This is a conversation that I had with the angels about fame.   Wanting to be famous.  Being jealous of my famous friends.  Disapproving of the way celebrity is revered in our culture, even though I crave the kind of approval celebrities get.  That kind of thing. Me Johnny Depp has invited us to his new movie premiere.  I don’t  want to go.  I do want to go for some reasons and I don’t want to go for other reasons, and it confuses me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny, he is a really funny, interesting person and great company, but I prefer to see him when he is not surrounded by people, because he is ridiculously famous and everyone always wants to talk to him all at the same time. The whole business of fame and famous people bothers me a great deal.  I have a famous partner, but in general I hate the way famous people make me feel. Famous people make me nervous.  I feel inadequate when I am with them, even though I really don’t want to.  I really want to see myself as equal to them, but I just cant seem to convince myself that they are not better than me. I have some famous friends who I have known for more than twenty years, people like Johnny Depp and Kate Moss and Bono, and they are all lovely people.  But I would prefer them not to be famous.  I TRY VERY HARD NOT TO FEEL IT, but I feel that their fame makes them more important than me, and it changes the...
Help!  I am Addicted to Coffee!

Help! I am Addicted to Coffee!

    I find it really, really hard to give up coffee.  I asked the angels to help. Me Coffee is what gets me out of bed in the mornings!  When I wake up, I think about getting coffee and I walk to the shop for it before I do anything else.  The trouble is, when I have the coffee, quite often I find it hard to relax.  I find that my mind is racing and I cant concentrate.  But I am addicted to the buzz!  It is as if I don’t want to be relaxed, I want to be jumpy!  Can you help?   A   Firstly, may we say that you are most definitely not alone in this predicament!  A great many people find themselves in this same situation, liking the ‘buzz’ that they get from coffee, wanting it, craving it and yet not really liking it.  And of course we are delighted to help!   Can you begin, firstly by describing what it is about coffee or more specifically about the thought of coffee that gets you out of bed in the mornings?   Me   I think I like the kick that it gives me.  It is a feeling of excitement, at first.  I like to feel excited, and if my life is not very exciting, if there is not a lot happening, it gives me that sense of a buzz.  It makes my heart beat faster, it is almost like falling in love.  It makes me want to do things and go places.  It gives me enthusiasm.  When I drink it, I quite often...
Help!  I Have No Patience!!!

Help! I Have No Patience!!!

I asked the angels to help me to be more patient. Me I have real trouble with it, especially when I am waiting to be served at a cafe , or if I am in a queue at the airport or in a shop or especially a queue for the toilets! I get really irritable and cross.  I push ahead of other people if I can get away with it.  I don’t want to wait my turn.  I get bored and fidgety.  I would really like to be one of those Zen, laid back, sort of people who are happy to wait their turn! A May we ask you what it is that you hope to gain from being more patient? Me Interesting question!  I imagine it would feel better.  I imagine it would be more relaxing and less stressful if I were a patient person.  I associate patience with serenity and ease. A You enjoy feelings of serenity and ease? Me Yes I do. A And if you enjoy these feelings, what is it, do you suppose that prevents you from experiencing them when you are waiting to be served or you find yourself becoming impatient? Me I think it has to do with the strong desire to get to the thing that I am waiting for.  I don’t like waiting for things.  Especially if I am hungry, but even if I am just waiting to get into the cinema, or waiting to get on a plane.  It seems like a waste of time because I can’t relax and enjoy myself if I am waiting for something.  I...
Help!  I Am Influenced by Shane’s Moods!

Help! I Am Influenced by Shane’s Moods!

    Help! I Am Influenced By Shane’s Moods! Me I find myself being very much influenced by Shane’s moods. If he is in a bad mood, or even just very quiet, I find myself getting depressed and wanting him to cheer up, trying things to make him cheer up. I generally nag him to talk about his problems if he is being quiet, or I nag him to stop watching telly and do something constructive. If he is laughing and jolly, it makes me laugh and be jolly too. Or if he is being kind and thoughtful and loving, that makes me happy. I find it very difficult to have my mood be independent of his feelings and behaviour. Is that actually possible?  I asked the angels what they think! A A wonderful question! You may not have noticed, but this is a problem –or shall we say challenge?- which affects most people, this business of being affected by the moods of others, particularly the moods of the people that you live with. The brief answer to your question is yes. Yes it is possible for you to have your moods be independent of other people’s moods and behaviour. Let us now discuss how this is possible. First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you need to want to have your own moods! You may think that this is a given, but we assure you that it is not. Many of you are so accustomed to involving yourselves in the lives of others that you cannot even imagine being emotionally independent of other people, and because you cannot imagine...
Help! My chakras are blocked!

Help! My chakras are blocked!

  Help!  My Chakras are blocked!   I went for an Indian head massage, and the healer told me my chakras are blocked.  He says I need to speak my truth.  I hate it when people tell me stuff like that because there isn’t anything I can do about it, or if there is something, I don’t know what it is! I think I do speak my truth!  To me that just sounds like a cliché.  Are my chakras blocked?  Is there anything I can do?   A   Dearest one, we understand your frustration!  There is a great deal of confusion about the energy centres that you call ‘chakras’, and the way in which they operate and the ways that you can be affected by their behaviour!  Perhaps we can assist, by shedding a little light on the subject?   Me   Be my guests!   A   To begin with, it is true that your bodies and minds, and of course your emotions are all being affected continually by the movement of energy throughout your systems.  You can easily become aware of this when you are really feeling good, when you feel truly vibrant, energetic and alive, and when you feel totally ‘in the flow.’  You have experienced this feeling, many times.   Me   This is true.  I know that feeling.  I am not really feeling it at the moment.  I have a cold, and I feel down.  I feel frustrated and tired and pessimistic.  But I do remember feeling that way!   A   Indeed.  Perhaps as you focus on these feelings, you can become...
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