‘Channelling Your Angel Self’ workshop in Laragh, July 22

Testimonials from the ‘Channelling Your Angel Self’ workshop in Laragh  Testimonials: Thank you for the wonderful experience of your channeling workshop.  I have started using the techniques you taught me and they are brilliant in helping me to deal with daily stress at work.  Not only can I feel the benefits, but I am positively sure those around me are benefitting also. I would recommend this to anyone who needs time out from a busy routine – well worth it !   …. Ros Byrne Thanks Victoria – it was a wonderful day. Very enlightening. Surprisingly practical. How wonderful it is to unravel the mystery and realise that there is no mystery! You rock! …..Sophie Tebbitt Hi Victoria I had such a great day and I’m so happy that I came along. I still feel that wonderful buzz which comes with knowing you touched on something important and I know I did today. Thanks a mill for your guidance and ease in making it cone to the forth!   …..Malin Convery I had a reading with Victoria in January last and it was a truly memorable experience, she is a very gifted and the information she channelled was amazing. She is also very loving and peaceful person. Really easy to talk too. I felt completely at ease in her company and was relaxed and open to the beautiful energy that surrounds her. Brilliant experience. Hope the future bring her everything she could wish for and much much more. Love Carmel,...
Help!  I am Constantly Critical!

Help! I am Constantly Critical!

This is a conversation that I had with the angels about the horrors of being constantly critical of everything. Me My Human Self is very critical of everything, especially of myself. I know the soul self sees the good in everything. The soul self does not spend her time mentally complaining about everything in her life. I have a problem with this! I seem to have no control over how I am thinking and responding to my world.  Quite often, from the minute I wake up in the morning until the minute I go to sleep, I am complaining about everything I see and everything that is happening, and I am automatically criticising and finding fault with stuff. For instance, I might begin by being annoyed with myself for sleeping late, or for not wanting to get out of bed.  Then I will be irritated by little things like the lid of the toothpaste, or hairs in the sink, or dirt on the rugs.  I just wont feel good about the day ahead and I will be annoyed with myself for not feeling good! I go to the same place to get my coffee every morning, and I tell myself that I will be patient and appreciative of the fact that I can afford coffee every morning, but I am never actually patient and appreciative, I am generally in a hurry and I get irritated if they get little things wrong, like for instance if they don’t put enough chocolate on top, or if they don’t stamp my loyalty card, or if they give me a small when I...
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