Who is the VMC?

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"Victoria offers sound practical advice, and great encouragement."

Victoria generously gave me 30 minutes of her time yesterday. She offers sound practical advice, and great encouragement to get out there and get the job done! Also she's fun, good humoured and pragmatic, I really enjoyed our session, thank you Victoria!
Roisin Prizeman,
Business Buddy, Chartered Accountants

Who is the VMC?

There are loads of things I could say about me.
I like Tayto crisps.
My first words were ‘shoes and socks.’
My real name is Victoria Cross, like the medal………
You may not want or need to know everything that I can think of to say about me.
So here are some basic things that might help you decide if my vibe matches your vibe.
I love, am trained in and practice yoga, meditation, angel channelling, and energy healing. I also love creative visualisation, magnetising and manifesting stuff, it seems to have worked for me a lot of the time, so I facilitate workshops where people get to try this stuff for themselves.
I also love fun, fashion, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, dancing singing, cooking, eating, travelling to lovely places, staying in flash hotels, hanging out with rock stars and movie stars, gardening, public speaking and much much, much, more. I love that life is so full of adventures and surprises.
In my working life, I have written several books, including a biography of the band Nirvana, ‘A Drink With Shane Mac Gowan’, and ‘Angel In Disguise’, about my conversations with angels. Apart from the Nirvana book, which could not be published (long story) the books were well received. Lynn Barber said that ‘A Drink With Shane’ was the freshest and most original biog she had ever read, and Lynn can be a bitch. And Kate Moss said ‘Angel In Disguise’ is ‘fucking brilliant’. Kate is not a bitch, but she is very direct and tells it like it is, so I am extremely thrilled that she likes it.
As a media coach, I love helping people to get their own work out to the world, in a way that works for them and makes them feel good. It gives me great joy to see them grow in confidence and feel excited about telling their stories.
Before I became a journalist, I ate newspapers for breakfast and sometimes for dinner and the rest of the time I watched TV and listened to the radio. I love all forms of communication, most especially the written word, and have done all my life. In fact, the first thing I read, as a six month old baby was The Irish Times. Ask my Mum.
Since then, I have written for lots and lots of newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, The Times, The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Independent, The London Evening Standard, The New York Daily News, Marie Claire, Grazia, Q Magazine, L’uomo Vogue, Paris Vogue, Vogue Hommes International and www.billionaire.com.
I present a weekly radio show called The Art Of Living on Dublin City FM, and in the past I have made a gardening show for RTE television, as well as taking part in numerous documentaries about hell raising rock stars, and devising a chat show for Channel 4 which they subsequently refused to broadcast, it was that dreadful.
So I am a mish mash of lots and lots of interests….I am especially interested in people and what motivates them, what gives them joy and how to facilitate them having more of what they want. More fun, more money, more ease, more pleasure, more of whatever makes them happy and makes the world a happier place all round.
If I did have to sum it all up in one sentence, I am on a mission to lift spirits (mine included) by any means necessary. And I can be a bitch. That is me.

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