Angel in Disguise?


Victoria Mary Clarke was miserable. Separated from soul mate Shane McGowan after 20 years, broke, hopeless, fat and nearly forty, she had no reason to get out of bed. Until one day, not expecting an answer, she demanded some help from whatever is in charge of things. And to her utter astonishment an angel answered. This is the true story of what happened next, of the conversation that followed and the miracles that resulted. ‘It’s f***king brilliant’ Kate Moss ‘An enthralling story of spirituality and belief’ Pat McCabe ‘This book will beat the bejaysus out of the bible’ JP Donleavy ‘I felt better than I had in ages, safe and cherished’ Marian Keyes after Victoria’s angel therapy ‘Witty and fey Socratic dialogue’ The Irish Examiner ‘Loved the book, very engrossing, uplifting’ Mary Stanley, novelist

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Michael Cronin gives a rave review

Victoria is very informative and knowledgeable about every aspect of the media. She is full of advice and makes you look at different aspects that you might not have considered. A true professional, every aspect of her work has been impeccable and very worthwhile in our careers.
Michael Cronin,

Lovely testimonial from Gaye Moore

Victoria is a wonderful media coach and is excellent at getting to the core of your niche market so that you can be visible in the right places ! She makes it all so easy

5 star review from Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Love working with Victoria, she helps me to gain focus and clarity in getting my voice out there with the right people. Dolores Andrew-Gavin

5 star review from Olga Waters

I really enjoyed the process of the coaching and then the final result. Victoria really listened to me and understood what I had to say which gave me confidence to convey it to a wider audience without fear. I would recommend VMC to anyone wishing to move forward with their dreams. Thank you again. Olga.vic-olga-radio
Olga Waters,
Olga Waters

5 Star Review from Yasmin Vorajee

Working with Victoria was fantastic, such a treasure trove of advice and knowledge on how to get media and publicity for your business. Love her simple strategies and her unique approach which focuses in on energy and intuition. Brilliant!yasmin

Awesome review from Kelli Marjolet at Proper Chocolate Company!

If you're looking to elevate your company's media profile, I couldn't recommend VMC Media Coaching highly enough. Having extensive experience on both sides of the camera, microphone and pen, Victoria deeply understands the inner workings of the PR realm and has the connections that only years of media experience could yield. But Victoria is so much more than a modern-day PR rolodex! She'll challenge you out of your comfort zone in a way that makes you feel supported and confident. She'll spot your strengths and work like mad to build on them because she very naturally wants you to succeed. Whether you're looking for press, radio and/or television coverage both in Ireland or abroad, Victoria can make it happen.
Kelli Marjolet,
Proper Chocolate Company

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