Channelling your Angel Self

In these workshops you will be channelling your own ‘Angel Self’, you will be learning to access an incredible, amazing, astounding part of you.

huntingbrook 6The more that you come into contact with this part of you, the more you will be blown away by it, and the more you will want to stay in contact with it.

This is the most exciting part of you, the most joyful, blissful, happy, playful, imaginative, creative, loving, inspired, warm, caring, sharing, thoughtful, and truly awesome part of you and you will see EVERYTHING in your own life and in the world around you in a totally new and shiny way, when you look at it from the point of view of your angel self.

What is “Your Angel Self?”

Just to clarify, the part of you that I am calling your ‘Angel Self’ is the same part that other people call your God or Goddess Self, Wise Self, your Higher Self, your Buddha nature, your enlightened self.

 There are many ways to describe it, but when you get there, you will recognise the signs.  You will feel it, and you will feel excited about feeling it.  I call it my ‘Angel Self’ because I believe that I got to it with the help of angel guidance, and I recognise that the way my ‘Angel Self’ sees the world is loving and wise but also light and playful just like the angels that I talk to.

When you access your own ‘Angel Self’ in these workshops, you will have the opportunity to put it to use in practical ways that affect your everyday life.  You will be asking it to provide guidance, illumination and assistance with your own personal problems, challenges, goals and ambitions both on the day and on an ongoing basis.  This is the purpose of the workshop.  People who have done the workshop quite often come back again and again because it provides a powerful and supportive environment in which to get back to their ‘Angel Self’, and everyone can benefit from doing it with the support of a group, even me who has been doing it for years!

What Happens at a workshop?

In the workshop, you will learn simple techniques to help you to take any situation in your life, however disturbing, however hopeless and however challenging, and you will literally ‘channel’ your Angel Self, so that you can see the situation from an entirely different perspective.

In this way, you find solutions, you find answers and you find peace of mind.


In the workshop you will also learn

  • How to evaluate the guidance that you channel.
  • How to know the difference between the voice of your Higher Self and the many voices of your ego.
  • How to be completely certain that the advice you are giving yourself is useful and helpful and is for your highest good.
  • You will practice channelling your Angel Self for other people, as well as for yourself.
  • You will learn practical tools to enable you to channel for yourself in any situation, so that you become empowered, self reliant, confident and secure.

You develop that part of you who is truly inspired, creative and expansive and ultimately you learn to live your whole life from this expanded perspective!

Where and When do workshops occur?

Check the sidebar for upcoming events, or you can call or email for latest workshop dates. You will need to book in advance to reserve your place,  as places are limited to 20 people. I know not everyone can afford these workshops, so I also offer discounts to a number volunteers, so please get in touch if you are interested.

How can I book reserve a place, What do I need to do?

You can buy tickets via Paypal, or by calling 086 8552267.

  • You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing, as there will be some movement and stretching.  Please bring a notebook and pen.
  • There will be a lunch break.  We usually go to a local cafe or restaurant for lunch.  Sometimes lunch is provided by the venue.  Please check with us for details.

Communicating with Your Angel Self

Once you get in touch with your ‘Angel Self’  you will be asking for answers to your own particular questions, solutions for your own problems and challenges and guidance to help you to manifest whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life.


Sometimes, people ask me ‘Why would I channel my own angel self?  Why not just ask the angels to answer my questions for me?’  I think it is a little like the difference between asking that someone else translate for you, when you go to a country where you don’t speak the language, or learning to speak it for yourself.  It is lovely to have someone else translate for you at first, but it is even better to learn to communicate for yourself!  When I first learned to channel guides and angels, I always felt as though they were very different to me, and they had very distinctive energies, it was as if I was being taken over by completely different beings.  But gradually I began to feel more familiar with the energies, and they began to influence my everyday life.  It was as if the way that they looked at life was starting to change the way that I looked at life.  I am the kind of person who gets very easily stressed and worried about things, I am not naturally serene and calm and wise!  But I started to notice that whenever I reacted to a situation or a problem from the old point of view of my ‘personality’ self or my everyday human self, I would be very aware that it made me feel bad in some way.  I would be acutely aware of myself getting stressed, panicking, freaking out, or whatever.  And I would simultaneously remember that there was another way to respond.  Even if it took me a while to train myself to take a step back and find out what my ‘angel self’ would think of the same situation, I got better at doing that the more I practiced it and the more I taught other people to do it, the more I was reminded to do it.  In one way it is a very, very simple thing to do, channelling your own ‘angel self’.  You just notice when any situation makes you feel bad in any way at all.  And you take a step back from it and ask ‘What would my angel self think of this?  How would she react to it?’  And as soon as you ask that question you open the door for your angel self to start feeding you the answers!

Benefits of Channelling

The benefits of seeing life from my ‘angel self”s point of view are so enormous and so far-reaching that I don’t even know the full extent of them yet.  I just know that this practice is the most significant, the most important thing that I have ever discovered in my life.  It is literally everything to me.  It changes the way that I look at my entire life and it changes how I think, how I behave, how I interact with other people and ultimately what kind of impact I have on the world around me.  When I remember to do it, that is!  When I forget to do it (which is still quite often)  it wouldn’t matter how much love was in my life, or how much money I had, or how great I looked or how amazing my career was….I would still be able to pick holes in it and find something to worry about!  But equally, when I do see things from the point of view of my angel self, it doesn’t matter what I have got or haven’t got or where I am or what is happening, there is just this amazing sense of serenity, of security, of trust and of bliss.  It is priceless!

gypsy_fortune_tellers It seems to me that the benefit of getting answers from that part of you who is ‘angelic’, the part of you that knows not only what is the best solution for you at any given time, but which also knows why the ‘challenge’ has arisen in your life and what is to be learned and gained from it is  a deeply, truly satisfying sense of peace, a sense of knowing that everything is okay, a sense that you do have everything that you need and that no matter what happens, you are safe.  Channelling your Angel Self is like opening a door to a whole other world that you didn’t know was there.  A world that makes sense!   And a world that is always available for you to access, because you have the key of that door, you don’t have to go to someone else to get it!

Another reason that I am calling it the Angel Self is because it is unconditionally loving, and because it is always connected to the eternal and unbounded consciousness from which we have all come and to which we remain connected, underneath the various personalities that we assume as human beings.

This ‘Angel Self’ is the part of you who always knows the answers to your problems and challenges, even if they seem catastrophic and hopeless!

It is the part of you who knows what it is that you are learning and gaining from the situations that happen in your life.

You can learn to see any problem or challenge from the more enlightened, wise and compassionate perspective of your ‘Angel Self’.  Even if you still ALSO see it from the usual perspective of your personality.  

It is possible to encounter a problem in your life, such as losing your job, or developing a serious illness or being divorced from a partner and to panic and feel overwhelmed and in despair and ALL of the other things that we human beings feel while ALSO being able to step back, detach from the situation and see it in the way that you Angel Self sees it.  Because your Angel Self knows the full extent of your power and also knows the full extent of the love that exists for you and because your Angel Self is always in a state of peace, serenity and compassion for all beings, this part of you will assist your personality to upgrade the way it thinks and behaves, and to see things from a more expansive perspective.  In this way, problems that did seem hopeless begin to dissolve and transform themselves into opportunities and adventures.



‘I attended Victoria’s Angel Channelling Session last Sunday. I’m a consummate sceptic and I lost my faith at a young age. I’d previously done guided Mindfulness Meditation both in a group setting and on my own, using a CD. These meditations had enabled me achieve a peaceful, relaxed, state where I succeeded in putting my mental clutter to one side.

My goal was to achieve a level of calmness on a par, or better, with that I’d previously attained with Mindfulness Meditation. What I do know for certain is that whatever Victoria did relaxed me and banished my negative thoughts and mind fog. I would certainly repeat the experience and recommend Victoria’s Angel Channelling Sessions to anyone with a remotely curious or open mind.’

Paul Mc Cluskey, Dublin

‘Thank you for the wonderful experience of your channeling workshop.  I have started using the techniques you taught me and they are brilliant in helping me to deal with daily stress at work.  Not only can I feel the benefits, but I am positively sure those around me are benefitting also. I would recommend this to anyone who needs time out from a busy routine – well worth it ! ‘

Ros Byrne

‘Thanks Victoria – it was a wonderful day. Very enlightening. Surprisingly practical. How wonderful it is to unravel the mystery and realise that there is no mystery! You rock! ‘

Sophie Tebbitt

‘Hi Victoria I had such a great day and I’m so happy that I came along. I still feel that wonderful buzz which comes with knowing you touched on something important and I know I did today. Thanks a mill for your guidance and ease in making it cone to the forth! Pleasure to have met ya and look forward to meeting you again’

Malin Convery

‘Channelling your Angel Self’

Hi Victoria, Brenda Rock here. I did your wonderful workshop in Slane last month. I am getting back to you now to say a big thank you. It was very inspiring and I have come away with a lot from it.

Best wishes, Brenda

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