vicbuddhaAn Introduction from Me

I am not interested in angels.

I don’t read angel books.

That may surprise you, but it’s true.

I have never been interested in knowing where angels come from or what they look like or what their names are or any of that stuff.

I am only interested in what angels can do for me, in practical ways to enhance my life, and in what they may also be able to do for you to enhance yours.

I ask the angels for help and guidance whenever my life gets sticky or I don’t know what to do or there is something that I want to manifest.

You may be wondering (with good reason) what causes a person who is not interested in angels to talk to them every day.

I should explain.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of magic and miracles and manifesting and magnetising things and situations.  If we really are creating our own realities, how does it work?  Why does it seem to work some of the time and not all the time?  What gets in the way of us, when we want to create something and it doesn’t happen?

I have spent a lot of time and a lot of money on books and workshops and courses on the subject of magnetising and manifesting.  I genuinely believed that if I was persistent enough, I would figure out how to manifest the life I dreamed about.

Along the way, I got interested in things like Tarot cards and I went to lots of fortune tellers to ask them if and when I would get the things I wanted.  They all said I would, but it seemed to be taking a long time!

One day I was flicking through a magazine called Kindred Spirit’ when I came across an ad for a lady called Lita Alberdi, who channels a guide called Ortan, so I booked myself in for a reading.

Ortan blew my socks off.  He (for he seemed like a he) was totally and utterly astonishing.  For a start, his presence filled the room and filled me and was completely tangible.  He was full of love, more love than I had imagined was possible to experience.  It was like having the entire world love you, but unconditionally.  It was far, far better than any earthly love I had ever known.

Ortan assured me that I was on the right track, and that I would discover my soul’s passion and purpose and that I would write books and communicate with millions of people in ways that were uplifting and inspiring.

I believed him.

Lita taught me the art of channelling guides and angels.  It was the most beautiful and precious thing I have ever been given, this gift of channelling.

I began to ask these creatures to help me to change my life.  I asked them to get me out of depression and anxiety and constant struggling and to show me how to achieve joy and happiness and a sense of harmony.

It worked.

I wrote a couple of books about my experiences.  In the books, I take you through all kinds of situations in which I was suffering and struggling and I show you the guidance that I got and how I put it into practice and what happened, how it worked out.

The problems that I talk about are examples from my own life, but from talking to people I know that they are not unique to me.  Most people seem to be struggling  with the same sort of stuff, things like money worries, health issues (their own health and that of their loved ones) difficulties in relationships, lack of fulfilment and success in careers, addictions, bereavement, fear of rejection, fear of old age, feelings of inadequacy and of not looking good enough……the list goes on.  Essentially, they all boil down to one thing.  Fear.  Fear of what might happen, fear of what is happening, fear of what might not happen.

As anyone who has read books about manifesting and magnetising will know, you get more of what you focus on.  If you feel fearful, you get more fearful.  If you feel blissful, you get more bliss.  You magnetise the things that vibrate at the same frequency as you are vibrating at.  The essence of having a blissful life seems to boil down to feeling blissful!  What the angels have taught me is that it is actually possible to access this bliss, no matter what is happening in your life.  It is as though we are bobbing around on the sea in our little rubber boats, sometimes floating on very calm waters, sometimes being thrown around by the big waves.  But underneath us, all the time is the Ocean bed, which remains totally unruffled.

When we stop thinking about what is happening, we sense this deep, deep peaceful place, and feel the bliss.

Of course it isn’t always easy to stop thinking about stuff.  But that is why I talk to the angels.  They keep taking me back to that place where everything is tranquil and serene and I feel totally at peace.  My wish for you is that you will feel it too, and that you will always be able to access that beautiful feeling, and know that everything is cool.

An Introduction from the Angels.

This communication is our gift to you.  It is a broadcast, a transmission of love and of support for all of those who wish to receive it.  It is a gift directly from our heart, from the heart that we share, the heart that is shared by all beings.

In your lives, you will find many questions, many challenges and many dilemmas being raised.  Most of them are common to most, if not all human beings.  As you explore the questions that are being asked, you may notice that the essential message that we are communicating is always the same.  There is more love for you than you think there is.  More love than you had imagined possible.  In the gap between the thoughts you are having now and the thoughts that you will have about these thoughts, there exists an opportunity to taste this love, to have a direct experience of it.  Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will find that it is not possible to entirely forget that it exists.  If we come together in this way to do only one thing, it is to tempt you with this love, to tempt you to experience it, and to tempt you to share it.

This is our blessing to you.

We hope and suspect that you will enjoy it.

You may be wondering who or what it is that is speaking to you.

We wish you to know that we are a collection of light beings who come to you in answer to your requests for assistance in your journey of evolution as human beings.

You are evolving into beings who can be simultaneously conscious of a physical existence and also of a spiritual or energetic one.

You are evolving into a race of beings who can be aware of yourselves as individuals whilst at the same time aware of yourselves as one being.  It is a beautiful thing that you are doing and we foresee endless possibilities for joy in your existence.

We can be of assistance in holding a vision of this joy and in broadcasting frequencies of peace and love so that you can more easily access them in your minds.

We offer opportunities to see your lives in new ways, in order that you can access higher states of consciousness and feel the freedom and joy that they generate.  We hope that you can see that it is possible for you who struggle to find the joy and freedom that we are demonstrating.  This is our wish for you, if you wish it.

Angel channelled sessions available in person and via Skype.  Call Victoria on 086 855 2267 for details or email

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