Are you 100% CONFIDENT about promoting yourself?

Sometimes we can be a bit wishy washy/wibbly wobbly about telling the world how great the stuff is that we are promoting? 
Maybe this is because we are unsure of ourselves, or not quite convinced that we are good enough or that our stuff is good enough. 
Maybe we have IMPOSTER SYNDROME, and we worry that if anyone looks too closely, they will see that we are rubbish!!!!!
If you go out in the world to promote your business, and you are unsure whether it is any good, if you secretly think it might not be good enough, you send out a very confusing message.
People sense your hesitancy and it makes it more difficult for them to decide to buy from you!  You don’t fully trust yourself, so why would they trust you?
I created my ‘Promoting  Your Stuff with Heart and Soul’ workshop so that we can pull out all those gremlins that are getting in your way, all the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. 
Once we know what they are we can dismantle and transform them into positive, clear, supportive and uplifting beliefs, beliefs that radiate confidence and purpose and certainty and let the world know that you mean business and that you are exactly what they need and want in their lives!
With this certainty and clarity, you can instil confidence in potential customers, they sense that you believe in what you are selling, and you transmit this confidence to them. confident-woman
As well as working consciously with the old beliefs, we will work with the energy of doubt, to clear and transmute it, using guided visualisations.  We also work with guided visualisations to magnetise all of the people that can benefit from buying what you have to sell, by sending out an energetic call telling them that you are ready, willing and able to serve them.
In this workshop, you will also have the opportunity to practice pitching your product or service to other people in a safe space, helping you to build confidence and to learn to have fun.
You will also practice making videos for social media, and you will practice giving interviews about your product/service, allowing you to develop confidence and clarity in your communications and charisma as you relax and enjoy the process of promotion.
For anyone who is serious about building a business and letting the world know that you exist, and are ready to do business, this workshop is unmissable. 
Early bird tickets for the workshop are available until October 31. 
Book here to secure your early bird ticket:
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