Are you the world’s best kept secret?secret
I LOVE clothes, I am crazy about them.  Obsessed.  When I find something I like, I wear it until it falls apart.  Literally.
So I have spent the past 15 years looking for someone who can copy my favourite clothes for me when they are too worn out to wear.

The other day a friend of mine happened to mention that she had got her favourite tracksuit pants copied.  The work was flawless, and the price was amazing. So she gave me the number of the woman who did it, and I tried her out and I am now having loads of stuff copied.  I am so excited!!!
The moral of this story is important.
I could have been having my clothes copied 15 years ago, if I had only known about this woman!  But she has a very low profile, she was one of those ‘best kept secrets’ that people boast about.  So I didn’t know she existed.
Are you like that seamstress?
Are you offering amazing work at a truly great price?
Would the world benefit from knowing about you?
Would you benefit from having more people know about you?
What is stopping you from getting your work out to the world?
Advertising can be expensive, and word of mouth can take 15 years.  But there is another way!
Publicity is free.  Magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations and bloggers are ALWAYS on the lookout for stuff to talk about, people to feature, new discoveries to share with the world.  Not only is publicity free, it also comes with the ‘endorsement’ of the media channel who features it.  If you love Vogue and Vogue features a new spa, the chances are you will feel more confident about trying it because Vogue has never let you down!  Publicity is like word of mouth on steroids with a loudspeaker.
If you think that you might have something the world could do with knowing about, why not talk to the media about it, and see what happens?
If you need some help with knowing how to approach the media, you can schedule a free media strategy consultation with me.

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