Can you have TOO MUCH media attention?

You may be worried that if you start to get media exposure and attention, you might end up with more than you want and more than you need!

It is true that if you become well known, people will be interested in you, and if people are interested in you, the media will be interested in you.  And while you may only want attention when you are selling your products or services or when you are launching something and you want customers to know about it, it is possible that if you become a very public figure, the media might give you attention when something bad happens in your life, when you get caught having an affair, when you have a nasty accident, or even worse, when somebody you love dies and you are bereaved.

Many fadiana_paparazzi1mous people have experienced this.  Princess Diana was perhaps the most well known example of a person who attracted media attention 24/7 no matter what was happening in her life, and much of the media attention that she got was intrusive and disturbing.  When she was killed, her children also had to deal with being photographed at a time when they were mourning her and not in the mood.  My partner recently lost his mother in a tragic accident, and he was photographed looking grief stricken and in shock, which is not how anyone likes to see themselves on the cover of a newspaper!  And when you are provoked, and you become angry, you may be inclined to retaliate, which will only make for a better story and more dramatic pictures!

So what can you do?

The first thing to do is keep things in perspective.  The public have an insatiable appetite for NEW news, and so no matter how awful your story is, it will be pushed off the front pages by the next story.  So be patient and the crisis will pass.

The second thing is to remember that even though members of the media have hacked phones, trespassed on private property and harassed people in pursuit of a story, the reality is that unless you are planning to become a Brangelina or a Kanye, you are unlikely to attract this kind of negative attention for the simple reason that the story needs to be worth money in order for the Press to go to all that trouble.  So if you are just promoting your business, and you get some media coverage, you can still stay reasonably anonymous, and get away with behaving badly or having upsets without the whole world noticing.

The third thing to remember is that the media are people, just like you.  And most of us are sympathetic and don’t want to hurt you!  So if you are understanding and gracious, and treat the media as human beings, it is generally likely that they (we) will be nice to you!  This doesn’t mean that you have to look happy when you are not, but it does mean staying calm and polite if possible and not generating any extra drama.

If you are considering getting some media coverage and are unsure about how to go about it, and how to handle it, you can schedule a free media strategy call with me, and I will be happy to advise you.


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