Can your ENERGY get you famous?

We talk a lot about the importance of your brand, when we talk about marketing, PR and publicity.
But what about your vibe?
What about your energy?
Does this have an effect on magnetising media opportunities, on making the most of those opportunities and on attracting your clients?
Lets think about it!
What makes a person magnetic?
What makes a person attractive?
What makes people want to be influenced by you and buy from you?
What are some of the qualities that people like to be around?
If you are vibrant, passionate, whole hearted, fun loving, friendly, compassionate, honest, authentic, enthusiastic, interested, adventurous, curious, kind, generous, optimistic, creative, courageous, imaginative……all of these are qualities that human beings are naturally attracted to, and this applies whether you are attending a party or appearing on Letterman, being profiled in a newspaper or chatting on the radio.
So how does this work?
People create brands, people become brands and people are attracted to brands…….for the same reasons that we are attracted to people.
Think about it.946282-oprah-winfrey
ed-sheeranOprah, Richard Branson, George Clooney, Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Vivienne Westwood, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, Ed Sheeran…….it doesn’t matter what you are selling, people will always form opinions about your brand based on what YOU radiate, what YOU transmit, what YOU make them feel when they experience you.  If people love you, it will predispose them to try your product.
So it is important to start putting out attractive energy, even before you meet your public, even before you start appearing in the media because if you read ‘The Secret’ you will know that being magnetic starts with YOU and your energy.

The Happy Pear twins David and Stephen Flynn are two business men who totally get this.  They RADIATE positive energy, enthusiasm and an upbeat vibe, and they have recently attracted 1.5 million in crowd funding as a result.  Not bad for two lads who sell salads!  If you google these guys you will see endless coverage and lots and lots of large full colour photos, because they are not just attractive to their customers and investors they are also attractive to newspaper editors and TV researchers.  People are clamouring to feature them.
You might be thinking it is all very well for the twins, because they are good looking guys and they have the twins thing as a gimmick.  But what about everyone else?
I have a question.  Do you think the twins would be quite as popular if they were not always smiling, laughing and brimming with positivity?  And supposing they were not, supposing they were moody and difficult and despondent and unfriendly?  Do you think the media would still love them and want to promote them?
You may not have an enormous amount of control over the physical features that you were born with.  But you DO have control over the vibe that you put out.  You can choose to be warm and friendly and energetic and uplifting to be around.  Maybe you will need to help yourself to feel good by getting some exercise, meditating, drinking green juices or having more fun in your life.  We all find what works for us, what gives us our best energy and makes us feel joyful.

And what works for the Happy Pear guys might not work for you.  For you, it might be fried chicken, beer and football, for you it might be chocolate, champagne and doing the Tango.  It doesn’t matter what gets you there, what is important is your energy, how you feel and what you radiate.  Change your energy and you change what you experience, and that goes for media magnetism as well as for everyday life!

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