Are you putting up with s**t from the people in your life?  Are you tolerating intolerable behaviour?  Are you fed up and frustrated and SEETHING with resentment while furiously smiling and saying that you are FINE?  Do you have a face on you that would rot tomatoes, which nobody else seems to even notice?

Are you ready to channel your inner bitch and revolutionise your relationships (maybe even make everybody happy, including you?).


Life coaches Victoria Mary Clarke and Sarah Mc Candliss, present the ‘Channelling your Inner Bitch’  workshop.

The workshop is designed to

  • Identify those areas in your life where your energy is being drained by feelings of frustration and resentment in your relationships with others, the areas in which you feel disrespected, undervalued and not heard.
  • Discover what strengths and attributes you can borrow from famous bitches or ‘channel’ to give you a totally different perspective on these areas and situations
  • Practice role playing these new strengths, new qualities and new behaviours in a totally safe environment
  • Formulate a workable, practical plan to adopt a more direct, more assertive approach in every area of your life
  • Re-wire you brain with new neurological pathways, a totally new attitude and set of beliefs, and the freedom to be honest, direct and effective in your communication and relationships.

Drawing on tools and techniques from life coaching, and also from NLP , we first of all take a look at some of the people that are generally regarded as ‘bitches’, from popular culture, from history and from our own social circles, and we examine what strengths they have in their communication skills, in the way that they recognise and address their own needs/wants/wishes and in the way that they assert themselves in their relationships with other people in order to get their needs met.  We identify the qualities that we would like to borrow or ‘channel’ in our own lives.

We then individually map out an ‘identifying wheel’ of our lives, to show us which areas are causing us to feel frustrated and resentful….be it in our work, our families, our romantic relationships, with neighbours, with in-laws, with children or wherever is affecting our energy.

We also examine our own values, what is important to us, in order to get clarity on why we feel resentful or frustrated.

Then comes the fun part!  In pairs, we role play what it would be like to BE one of our favourite bitches (instead of being ourselves) in some of these situations.  You might find out what Claire Underwood or Gordon Ramsay would do or say if they were you.  Using NLP techniques, we adopt the appropriate body language, posture, pitch and tone to change the way that we think and feel in the situations, and reveal how changing even your posture can change your mind!

Using our new neurological pathways, new attitudes and new beliefs about who we CAN be (if we choose to be) we design a plan for the content and delivery that will bring us the changes that we want in our relationships.  We then get into pairs and practice adopting the new behaviours, attitudes and approaches to the old situations.

Finally, we walk away with our new beliefs, a ‘bitch buddy’ and a plan of action to change what we do and say and what we experience in our lives, with the support of some wonderful new friends to get

  •  More ENERGY
  • More self respect
  • More appreciation
  • More peace of mind
  • Clear communication with everyone who crosses our path, from our siblings to the garage mechanic, and from the parents of our children’s friends to the annoying neighbour that we have been avoiding a showdown with.

What could you get from this?  That is up to you.

Next workshops at Central Hotel Dublin 2

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