Could you use your relationship to promote your business?

Emmanuel Macron (R) and his wife Brigitte Trogneux (Photo credit: PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/AFP/Getty Images)

Do you have a cute love story?

Did you meet your partner in an unusual way?

Have you had to overcome obstacles and challenges in your relationship?

Is one of you much older/younger?

Are you very different or very similar?

Do you have unusual sexual tastes?

Do you have loads of kids or no kids?

Are you in a same sex relationship?

Are you planning an unusual wedding?
Every relationship is a story, and human beings all over the world devour relationship stories.  Remember Adam and Eve?  Romeo and Juliet?  Brad and Angelina?


If you have a relationship story, you could get interviewed and featured in magazines, newspapers/TV/radio.  Most features editors are interested in a fascinating relationship story, and you can use the platform to publicise your business.  Several of my clients (including the lovely Mairead De Blaca from De Blaca jewellery) have had their relationships featured in national media and as a result they have been able to share the content on social media, thereby increasing awareness, attracting attention and followers, generating interest from other media channels and ultimately increasing sales.

So why not think about using your own relationship to raise your profile?

Schedule a free call with me and lets see if I can help!

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