People are fascinated by experiences that are out of the ordinary.  Maybe because we all want to know how WE would respond to anything weird that life might throw at us, we want to read about other people’s experiences to give us some clues!
Jeanna Giese was 15 years old when she was bitten by a rabid bat whilst attending Sunday mass at her local church in jeanna gieseWisconsin.  Three weeks later she was hospitalised, semi-delirious, vomiting and unable to stand properly. Her parents were told that she had only hours to live.  Nobody had ever survived rabies, but Jeanna was fortunate enough to have a far thinking physician who tried an experimental cure.  She was put into a coma, and given ketamine and she became the first person ever to survive rabies.  She is now an ambassador for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.  She wrote about her experience for the ‘Experience’ page of the Guardian.
You may not have had rabies, but you may have had another strange, weird, wonderful, or unusual experience that you could share with the media?  You can incorporate the story of your business into the story!  (photo by Sarah Stathas for The Guardian)

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