Do the media know you exist?

Loads of biz people are telling me that they would LOVE it and would probably FAINT if someone like Oprah wanted them for her magazine, or if she loved what they are doing and endorsed her.  And they say they would also scream with excitement if the New York Times or Forbes or Marie Claire or Vogue were to feature them.  Most of the people i meet say they would be thrilled if the Sunday papers profiled them, or if they got on the radio.
But here’s the thing.  If you don’t buy a lottery ticket, how are you going to win the lottery?
If you don’t even bother to TELL OPRAH that you exist, how is she going to want you in her magazine?
YES we can use the Law of Attraction to magnetise opportunities, circumstances and events.  But for most of us, the Law of Attraction requires us to TAKE ACTION.  Of course I am talking about taking INSPIRED action, which means really getting yourself into the energy of your purpose, your mission and your message, getting yourself all fired up with the LOVE for your fellow human beings which is causing you to want to share your amazing work with the world.  But one you feel the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion for your work and for sharing it with the world, that is the time to start SHOUTING ABbrittOUT IT!!!!

That is the time to start calling, texting, tweeting, emailing, writing to people in the media and telling them what you have got to share.  If I had a like and share for every time someone has told me that they want publicity but they havent bothered to even email anyone in the media, I would be a SOCIAL MEDIA MEGASTAR!
My good friend Britt Collins is an enormously talented writer, with great contacts.  But even she knew that when her book comes out she needs to be telling people who don’t already know about her, instead of relying on people who do.  So she sat down and emailed 90 journalists that she doesn’t know.  And that nobody had introduced her to.  And she has already got People Magazine interested as well as at least three radio shows, lots of blogs and a huge circulation newspaper and a National television show in the US.  Which proves that it pays to tell as many people in the media as you possibly can!

By the way, I know that some of you will be thinking ‘Oh, but I’m not ready to tell people about me, I’m not quite good enough yet’, or ‘I wouldn’t know what to say to a journalist’ or ‘I don’t know who to contact or how to contact them.’  EXCUSES!!!!  Schedule a FREE discovery call with me to see how I can help you to get past the excuses and obstacles and road blocks and get the word out about you!!!

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