How to get yourself on the radio.
Do you have a very cool/amazing/valuable/wonderful thing to offer the world?  Maybe it is a book that you wrote, or maybe you are a Life Coach or a garden designer or a bee-keeper or a jeweller or maybe you make cakes.  Whatever it is that you do, you probably put your heart and soul into creating it, and you more than likely LOVE it when other people get to hear about it and get to buy it and when they love it and appreciate it and tell you how much it means to them.

I know that I get incredibly excited when people tell me that my work made a difference in their lives and genuinely helped them to get their work out to the world and make everyone’s life happier!  It is a total win-win situation when your clients and customers love your stuff!  But the thing is, for the customers to buy from you, they need to know that you exist, and the number one problem that most people have is getting the message out about what they do and how to find it.  One great way to let the world know about you is by going on the radio…..local radio, community radio, national and international radio and just chatting about what you have got to offer.  You would be amazed at how many people are listening to the radio right now!  According to UNESCO figures, it is 95% of people.  So you might think everyone you want to reach is on Facebook, but actually only 1.28 billion of us are on FB.  And the great thing about radio combined with Social Media is that we can now share clips of ourselves being interviewed via podcasts and make sure everyone gets to hear them!
So how do you get yourself on the radio?
What does it take?
You need to have something to say.  You need to have a story.  We all love a story and we all have one, whether we know it or not.  Maybe you had an unusual childhood?  Maybe you have health challenges?  Maybe you had an encounter with a celebrity?  Maybe you have a romantic story?  Maybe you have had outrageous good fortune or terrible tragedy?  We all know what makes for a good story, and if you think you have forgotten, just go back and re-read your childhood fairytales, myths and legends, turn on the telly and watch a soap, see a great movie or read a riveting novel.  Stories are more exciting when they are dramatic, when really good stuff and really bad stuff happens to the main character.  You just need to see yourself as the hero or heroine of your own story and figure out what kind of journey you are on.
Once you have an interesting story, you need to be able to tie it to your product or service in a compelling way, in a way that tells us something about your brand.  Think about Richard Branson.  His adventures with balloons and space travel and all of the exciting stuff that he does in his spare time tell us that his brand is daring, bold, adventurous and has great teeth!
You need to learn to tell your story in a way that is engaging, with the right amount of drama, with just enough information and with charisma.  You need to leave the listeners wanting to immediately track you down and buy from you!
You need to pitch yourself to producers and researchers.  This can be the stumbling block for most people and this is where I really love to help build confidence and motivate my clients and get them past any fears that might hold them back.  Once you can make a clear and coherent pitch that is relevant to the media channel that you are approaching, and once you get into the habit of moving past your fears and out of what might have blocked you, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get yourself on the radio, to reach thousands and even millions of people and to get more customers!
This is a testimonial that I just got from a client who plucked up the courage to pitch herself to National radio and was immediately successful.
Six weeks ago I launched my book ‘Taking Flight The Caged Bird’.
What to do with it?

I met Victoria and she interviewed me on The Art of Living Show.
Immediately I connected with her.
I decided to go to her for media coaching.
It was fantastic.
She challenged me to focus but most of all she believed in what I am about. Freedom of the mind.
With each week she gave me homework.
Me who loved being in the shadow had no option but to come into my own light.
Because of her I was interviewed on LLFM with Gerry Kelly, I faced my demons and had an article written about me in this week’s Meath Chronicle, and most of all I pitched myself to RTE and I will be on the Ray D’ARCY show the first week in July.
This Caged Bird is surely taking Flight .
Next stop Oprah and Ellen.
Victoria you are amazing and thank you so much. You pointed the way. This step I could not have taken alone.


PS schedule a FREE Discover Call with me, to see if I can help you to nail it!  Here is the link

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