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We live in a world where we are bombarded with bad news all day long on all of our media channels.  But bad news is depressing!  It makes us anxious and fearful and for many of us, it can be a major downer.  Luckily there are some emerging news channels that ONLY feature positive, uplifting news!

Positive News is a media co-op which is owned by its readers and it features amazing, heart-warming, uplifting and inspiring news stories from around the globe.  Stories about stuff like London’s first community fridge which opened in Brixton in February, and which provides a place for retailers, restaurants and individuals to share fresh food with anyone who needs it. The project is crowd funded and run by volunteers, with the aim of cutting food waste, tackling food poverty and encouraging people to share.

The current issue also features stories about revolutionary new packaging made entirely from plant based materials, natural branding for fruit and veg which makes the plastic free and dissolvable soap paper, as well as a ‘vertical forest’ which is being built in Nanjing City in China which will have 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading shrubs and will absorb 25 tons of CO2 every year.

Positive News are always on the lookout for news, so if you have a good news story you can  email them?  Alternatively, if your brand is contributing towards creating a positive-newsthriving society or environment, you can partner with them and be a ‘Brand of inspiration’.

Another really great source of good news is Goodness TV, a Canadian video sharing Web TV founded by actor Laurent Imbault and  dedicated to positive news and social commitment.  Individuals, NGOs and non-profits can upload videos about their mission and their work, and the site can also be used for recruiting volunteers and fundraising.

Goodness TV has a weekly web series, the Positive Minute ( a 60-second feature posted to the site each Monday to highlight the actions of local individuals or organizations doing good work in domains ranging from social to cultural to humanitarian.  The first focused on le Papillon Blanc (, a not-for-profit Quebec organization in which professional dancers reach out to people who are frail and those nearing the end of their lives, often in nursing homes.

Another episode is about what’s known as the suspended coffee movement: You buy a cup of coffee, or a sandwich or a bowl of soup at a participating café or restaurant – and, at the same time, you buy one intended for someone who can’t afford to pay for it.   The Positive Minute goes beyond informing viewers to ask something of them: that they become involved – by paying for a dance visit for someone else, for instance, or visiting someone in a long-term care facility or giving food to a person in need or doing something of their own choosing that makes a difference.  “The thing about the minute is that it is a call to action,” Imbault said. “It ends with something you yourself can change.”

Viewers are encouraged to share their action on Facebook or Twitter – to inspire others in their circle to get involved as well. The tagline for the initiative is “Together we can change the world.”

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