Do you have a really cool/gorgeous/unusual product?  Would it interest a journalist? If you have ever been a feature writer or a radio or television producer, you will know that we are ALWAYS looking for ideas for stuff to write about, talk about and feature. The ideas can come from anywhere.  

I have interviewed a cobbler, a honey producer, a coffee roaster, a chocolatier,

Pic: Steve Humphreys

Pic: Steve Humphreys

jewellery designers, fashion designers, cake makers, hatters, writers, painters, hoteliers, you name it!   Last week I featured a lady who sells socks made from possum wool, and as a result she got a photo and article in Ireland’s biggest selling Sunday paper, the Sunday Independent.  If she had bought an ad this size it would have cost around 50,000 euro!  

So if you have a wonderful product (or service) that you want the world to know about, please contact me (and all the other journalists/researchers) and let us know what you have got!!!  
If you are keen to get the word out about you and what you do, but you are unsure where to start, you can schedule a FREE Media Strategy Call with me to get you on track for 2017.  The world deserves to know about what you have got to offer!   Click here to book your free media strategy call:
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