Do you know that your soul has a mission and purpose, but feel a bit like a shy wallflower, hiding your light?
Are you a tad afraid to let the whole world know what you have to offer?
Do you feel conflicted…on the one hand wanting to shine and knowing that you need to shine, but on the other hand preferring the comfort of staying small and hidden and anonymous, perhaps wary of criticism, judgement, and of standing out?

I am an Angel Channeller, but I am also a media coach, and it is my mission, my passion, and my delight to facilitate everyone who has something of value and benefit to contribute to other people’s lives in a way that uplifts our energy, helps us to be happier and healthier and more loving and co-operative with each other. Promotion, particularly when it is self promotion, or promoting our own work can bring up LOTS and LOTS of limiting beliefs, blocks, fears and other STUFF.
For some of us, it is part of our work in this lifetime to DISMANTLE, UNCREATE and TRANSMUTE these limits and fears, that simply hold us back from being of service and from experiencing the financial abundance as well as the joy, wellbeing and personal satisfaction that we know is possible for us!
As a media coach, I am very unorthodshy-angelox in my approach! I don’t see the media as an enemy that we need to be ‘trained’ to deal with, and I don’t teach people to change their personalities so that they can be bubbly and shiny and I also don’t teach people to control the agenda or manipulate audiences!  What I DO teach people is how to find your authentic voice, story and message, how to get really clear, comfortable and charismatic with sharing that message and how to find exactly the right channels for your message.
I teach people to use energy work and visualisation to magnetise the right media people and the right media channels that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and to magnetise your ‘soulmate’ clients, those souls who have already chosen to work with you! There is no need to ‘sell’ yourself or your work.  The right people will recognise you!
When you are ready to serve others, you will know that you are ready and when you eliminate the fears and blocks to being seen and heard, you will know this too!
If you would like to know more, please schedule a call with me and lets chat! (you will know if this feels right for you!)

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