Do you PROCRASTINATE about promoting yourself?

Do you hesitate to let people know about your business?

Are you waiting to be ‘ready’ to put yourself out there?

Are you secretly afraid of what might happen if you got clients/sales?

For many, many years I was like that!  I was afraid that people would criticise me and my work, afraid that people would say I was rubbish and that I didn’t know what I was talking about, afraid that people would say I was ripping people off, afraid that people would hate me and be angry with me!  I was like this about teaching yoga, giving workshops, doing angel channelling for people and media coaching.  I know what it feels like!

What was the result of my feeling this way?

I hardly ever promoted my work.

I only wanted close friends to come, no strangers!

I was inconsistent about working.

I made sure that my website had no sales message whatsoever, no call to action and no way to pay me!

I regularly turned down clients.

I hoped that hardly anyone would come to my workshops.

Where did that get me?

I was frustrated and broke and unfulfilled and envious of people who were successful in their businesses.

So what happened?

The change started with a decision.

I decided that I wanted something different.

I decided that I wanted to be successful.

In order to do this, I needed to find out what was getting in my way.

I didn’t know what I could do to fix the situation, so I worked with a coach to identify what my limiting beliefs were.

Then I set about challenging them, one by one.

Was it really true that people would hate my work and say that I was rubbish?

How could I find out?

The only way to find out was to dip my toe in the water and get some feedback.

I took the plunge and changed my attitude.

It was necessary for me to really examine my beliefs in detail in order to do this.  But I did it.  I began to put myself out there more and more, and I began to notice what helped and what didn’t help.

Working in groups, becoming a life coach and having coaching and doing guided meditations to clear old patterns all helped me enormously. 

Now, I feel very confident, very clear and very happy to promote myself.  I find it hard to believe that I am the same person who was so timid, so afraid.

And I can clearly see the symptoms in other people, I recognise the fears that I used to have.  I also recognise that the people that I meet can have AMAZING talents and services to offer the world, but if they do not make the decision to change their limiting behaviour, hardly anyone will know that they exist.  And I think that a lot of the people that I meet are aware of this, and want to change.  Which is why I developed the ‘Promoting your stuff with heart and soul’ workshop.

It occurred to me that once you have made up your mind to overcome a fear or a limitation, that fear no longer has power over you.  It is my desire and my mission to pass on my learning and to help other people to let go of fear and procrastination and all the other reasons that they don’t put themselves out there.  If you think that this might be you, I have a question for you?  What do you really have to lose by giving yourself a chance to change?

‘Promoting your stuff with heart and soul’ is on the 13th November.  To book your place, click here:

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