Get paid to write articles!
Are you an expert in your field?  Are you a life coach/business coach/health practitioner/wine buff/coffee roaster/antique doll collector/movie maniac/train spotter/interior decorator/forager/eco-business/charity fundraiser/counsellor/psychologist/legal expert/financial whizz/yogi/meditator/art historian?
vic-with-cashMost of us have at least ONE area of expertise/passion/enthusiasm.  Knowledge is power!  And knowledge, especially expert and specialist knowledge has become a form of currency in our vast and expanding age of information gathering and sharing.  If YOU have a particular are that you know LOADS about and you know that there are people out there who would benefit from your knowledge, why not consider writing articles about that subject and GETTING PAID for them?

It has never been easier to connect with publishers and publications globally.  Websites such as Content Central  allow you to upload your articles and sell them to publishers, thereby helping to raise your profile as an expert in your field and with the added bonus of making you money!

What’s not to like?

PS schedule a FREE media strategy call with me to see if I can also help you to raise your profile!

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