Have you had a VERY exciting sex life?  Have you had lots and lots of lovers? An open relationship?  Some interesting sexual quirks?  Do you look sensational in rubber?
Jane Fonda is exceptional in all kinds of ways, her life so far has been action-packed and utterly riveting.
At the age of 78, she claims that her life is only JUST BEGINNING and she has found love and success for the umpteenth time.  
jane-fonda-barbarellaBecause of this, Jane was on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine, posing in some sexy sequinned trousers and cool, pointy toed kitten heels, while inside the mag there was an 8 PAGE spread. 
If you calculate what that publicity would cost to buy, you are talking hundreds of thousands of £s $s Euros, but you cant actually BUY that kind of publicity, because while most of us look at the pictures in the ads, we don’t give the information any credibility because we KNOW it is an ad.  When we read a feature, we identify with the human beings in the story, and we develop an emotional bond with them.  In the case of Jane jane-fonda-workoutFonda, we may have been devotees of the Jane Fonda Workout (me) or we may have loved ‘Barbarella’ (me too) or we may have also married many times and always chosen men who liked to sleep with lots of other women (luckily not me!)
However it is that we identify with Jane, we get more interested in whatever she is selling just because we somehow feel that we know her.  And that creates amazing brand loyalty, which translates into mega sales.  
To get back to the riveting sex life.  Maybe you have had a lot of disappointment, or been let down a lot as well as having loads of partners? This is even more useful when it comes to creating your story!
ted_turner_jane_fonda_19921In the 1960’s Jane was married to Roger Vadim, the movie director who told her that jealously was ‘bourgeois’ and insisted that she help him find new partners to sleep with.  Her next husband told her that he was in love with someone else.  The next one was having an affair a month after they were married.  
Now, at last, she has decided to prioritise being with someone who is kind, as well as handsome!
Okay, so we can’t all be Jane Fonda.  But you might have an equally interesting story?!!!!
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