anxiousSometimes I struggle with situations that crop up in my life, and they throw me into a panic and I stop feeling serene.  I feel quite the opposite of serene!  I feel scared and anxious and hopeless.  This bothers me particularly because I have spent so much time meditating, channelling, doing yoga, reading spiritual books etc etc etc .  It bothers me because I feel like a failure, I feel like if anyone should be able to stay serene, I should, what with all the time and energy I put into it!  And also because I channel guidance for other people and I teach workshops in spiritual growth and channelling.  It feels like being a mechanic who cant fix my own car!

A lot of other yoga and meditation teachers, life coaches and healers have told me that they find themselves troubled by this problem too.  A need to feel that they are leading by example, and being a good advertisement for the work that they do.  And so I asked the angels if they have any advice for people in this situation.  This is what they said:


It is important to mention at this point that while you are worried about how you can be effective and worried perhaps that you are not getting it exactly right, we are of the opinion that you are doing a marvellous job!

The very fact of your being willing to be of service in this way is the only qualification that you need for the job.  All that you need to do, in order to be of service is to desire that you be of service, and then to keep bringing your focus back to this intention, whenever you think of it.

You have found yourself experiencing some turbulence, some difficulty in maintaining a serene, light hearted and secure state of mind.

Because of this, you believe that you are failing in your mission.  We assure you that this is not the case.

From our point of view, it is most useful if you can negotiate these challenging situations, for as you delve into them, you can bring light with you, and as you bring this light with you, the difficult places begin to be easier to see clearly, for the light brings clarity, and with clarity comes peace of mind, serenity and tranquillity.

The secret to serenity is not to stay in serene places, but to know that wherever you go, even if you go into turbulent places, and especially if you go into turbulent places, you can access serenity.  And you are accessing serenity in this very moment, just by asking the question and being willing to hear the answer, by focussing on the clarity that we speak of.  Believe it or not, by your intention to be a channel for peace and serenity, you have already become a channel for peace and serenity.

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