CROSS FACEI find myself unable to control how I react in certain situations, especially when someone is rude to me.  But I get annoyed with myself for reacting and not letting it just breeze past me!  I asked the angels to help.  Can you help me to feel good even if someone is being mean? I said….


The answer is you can only feel good when you become aware that you have a choice to feel good. You do not feel good because you tell yourself you should feel good. But you do feel good when you remind yourself that your bad feeling is not being caused by somebody else. That you have the power to choose to feel good, if you wish it. And that you also have the choice to feel bad, if you wish it. And that you are not bad or wrong, if you choose to feel bad.

There is no rule that says you must choose to feel good at all times! Nobody is judging your feelings, except you.

If you wish to choose to feel good, even when people respond negatively to you, and you don’t yet know how you are going to achieve this, do not feel bad about that! Do not beat yourself up! Simply ask the question ‘I wonder how I might feel better in this situation?’

It may be that an answer does not immediately come. You may feel frustrated, you may rack your brains for an answer.

But you have one powerful tool at your disposal, which you can use in place of an answer, any time you wish to. That tool is your imagination. You may not yet know what would make you feel happy, even if someone is rude to you. But you do know how it would feel, if you did have the answer. You know how it feels to be happy, because you can remember instances when you were happy. And this is all you have to do. If someone is rude to you and you feel bad, simply remember a time when you felt good. Perhaps you can think about what it felt like to have a glass of champagne!

At first, it may seem silly or artificial to deliberately change your mind by recalling happy memories. But after a little bit of practice it will seem not only effective, but also effortless. And then there will come a day when you realise that you do not need to substitute happy thoughts for unhappy ones. Because the simple knowledge that you have the power to do this if you choose to do it will make you feel happy and powerful and at peace with whatever other people do or say. At this point you will realise that you are operating as your soul, without any effort at all.

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