energy2I asked the angels to give some advice about how to have more energy.  This is what they said


You have asked us for some advice about how to have more energy, and we are happy to advise on this subject.

Energy is a very interesting topic to discuss, from the point of view of human beings. Also, it is not a straightforward matter, having more energy. Y

ou may be feeling tired at this moment and you may be saying ‘I don’t have much energy’, or even ‘I have no energy!”

But we assure you that if the right situation presented itself, your energy would return.

Energy is very much influenced by motivation, and motivation is influenced by desire, by a desire to have or do something that you believe will be pleasurable or exciting in some way.

If the things that you intend to do are not promising pleasure or excitement, it may often result in your ‘not having energy’ to do them.

What you are really saying in these situations is ‘I do not feel enthusiastic about doing this right now.’

There will almost always be something that you are drawn to doing and something that you are not drawn to doing. Even if the thing that you are drawn to doing is simply lying down somewhere comfortable and doing nothing!


The amount of energy that becomes available to you to do something with depends greatly on how you think about this thing.

For example, we might say to you right now that it is a good idea for you to go for a run.

londonmarathonBut you might not feel that going for a run will be pleasurable or exciting for you. When you think about going for a run, you may only have thoughts that tell you that it will not be pleasurable or exciting or fun!

When this happens, you will either ‘have no energy’ for it, or you will tell yourself that there is a reward that is worth having from going ahead with the run. If you can convince yourself that this reward is real and enticing, you will find the energy to achieve it.

Some of you, when you don’t have enough energy for something like going for a run or like doing some task that you do not particularly enjoy, such as cleaning the house or tidying things away- use stimulants such as caffeine and sugar in order to help you to ‘find the energy’.

And this can work in the short term. What happens when you stimulate yourself with caffeine or sugar (or both in combination) is that your body begins to give you the same signals that it would do if the task that you were thinking about doing were in fact exciting and pleasurable because stimulants like caffeine and sugar mimic pleasure and excitement in your physiology.

So you might suddenly find that washing the dishes or doing the ironing could feel like fun, if you drink sweet coffee! But as you have already noticed there is a downside to artificial stimulation and the downside is that you experience a ‘crash’ when the stimulant wears off.

And so, you might well ask ‘How can I have more energy for these things without artificial stimulants?”

The answer is perhaps surprising. The answer is to completely let go of the need to ‘have energy’ and to surrender entirely to the way that you are and the way that you are feeling in any given moment.

If you can completely surrender and give up the struggle to have energy for anything at all, you will find that you begin to relax, and you begin to feel peaceful. Once you begin to relax and feel peaceful, energy can flow freely and naturally. After a short time, you will generally begin to feel revived, as though you had been ‘rebooted’. This is because the thoughts that you had been having about ‘having to have energy’ were causing you to panic and feel anxious and stressed, and in turn this had lead to shortness of breath and an inability to relax your muscles and allow energy to flow freely throughout your system. Once you let go of all of these anxious thoughts, the interference that came from needing to have energy also dissipates, and you begin to have more energy.

What you decide to do with the energy will then influence how ‘enthusiastic’ you feel and how ‘inspired’. If you are very inspired, you are literally ‘full of spirit’ and you will be amazed at how much energy you will have! We do hope that this has been helpful!

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