IMG_2119Sometimes it looks like everything in my life is working out the way I want it to.
But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way at all!
Sometimes it seems as if the things I want are slipping out of my grasp and running the other way!
So I asked the angels if they had any advice.
Things are just not happening the way I want them to! I have some things that I would like to have happen, and some of them seem to be gradually coming together, but some of them seem to be ebbing and flowing, like the tide. For a while they seem to be going my way and then it is like they stop and turn around and start going the other way! I don’t know how better to explain it. Things that I have really wanted for ages and have done all the manifesting meditations on them, like book deals and other stuff.
This is a great question to answer, and a very important one!
Many of you will be experiencing this also.
You will have selected some things that you would like to have happen and you will have focussed on bringing them about. You may have visualised them and intended them and affirmed them and taken what seemed like all of the right steps towards bringing them about and it may have seemed as though all kinds of fortuitous opportunities were presenting themselves, and all kinds of doors were opening and then all of a sudden Wham! Those opportunities may not have turned out to be quite as fortuitous as they first appeared or the doors may have begun to close and even disappear!

It may seem as if your goals and dreams are even further away than they were when you first decided that you wanted to make them real. And this can be extremely disturbing and upsetting not least because it forces you to question just how much control you have over your life and just how much faith you actually have in the idea that you can manifest your heart’s desires and you may also begin to question the notion that there is a benevolent Universal force that allows you to magnetise those things that your heart desires.

But do not despair! This is all part of a perfectly natural process of creation and while it may seem to you from your vantage point that things are not working out or even being taken away, we see this as a natural ebb and flow just exactly like the tides of your oceans.

housewifeYou may have noticed that there came a point when it looked as thought things WERE working out for you and the things that you wanted were starting to appear in your life and appeared to be within your grasp. And so, quite naturally, you reached out for them and began to move towards them and perhaps you began to pick up the pace and move a little faster than usual because you felt more motivated than usual, having seen your goals move closer to you and become more attainable?

And around this time, it will have seemed as though there were a turning point when things stopped flowing towards you and began to recede.
At this point you will have stepped up your speed and perhaps worked that much harder, figuring that it is up to you not to let any of these valuable opportunities slip through your hands, believing that the Universe will only move so far to make your desires a reality and that because they are YOUR desires you must work for them and work hard for them. And at this point, you will have noticed that doubt began to set in and you began to fear that you might not make it, you might not get these things, you might lose them altogether. You stopped allowing things to happen at their own pace and in their own time and in their own way and you began to push for all you were worth?

And now you find yourself where you are now, worried and disillusioned and even more afraid that things are not working out the way they should be and the way that you want them to?
Are you with us so far?
Yes! That is exactly what has happened, with all of the things that I wanted and almost got!
And now, the question that you are asking is ‘do I give up? Do I resign myself to not getting these things and begin to think of new and perhaps more realistic things to chase after?
And so we come to our piece of advice or guidance.
May we just say that when you think of ALREADY having got these things that you want, and when you think about how much you love and appreciate them, you set up a resonance with them and with the energy of having them. But conversely, when you think of NOT HAVING THEM of potentially losing them or not quite being able to get them or make them happen, when you get anxious and start pushing and forcing them to come to you, you set up a resonance with NOT HAVING THEM.
Notice how it feels to think of having these things and of having had them come to you, almost as if they were DESTINED for you and they were making their way to you, rather than you making them happen. Notice how it feels to have allowed them to become part of your reality.
Well it feels peaceful. It feels relaxing. It feels good.
Notice how it feels to fight and struggle for them.
Stressful. And mentally exhausting as I have to keep figuring out new strategies!
Decide which feeling you prefer. And once you have decided, focus simply on the feeling and how it feels to feel that feeling. Then let the feeling suggest ideas to you of things that you might do, but always remembering that these things need to also feel good. If the things that you decide to do become stressful or mentally exhausting, you will know that you are pushing and forcing and not allowing them to simply come. Does this make sense?
It certainly seems to make sense. Lets see how it works out!

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