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What is in this for you???

  • You may be searching for something?
  • You may already know what that something is!
  • Or, you may not!/li>
  • Do you want to know how to reach your goals, pass that finish line?
More money, more energy, more enthusiasm, a more rewarding job, a soulmate, better friendships, better health, a sense of clarity about your life’s purpose and your soul’s mission for you, an ability to love and accept your body, just as it is, more fun, more adventures, a way to contribute to the happiness of those around you…

the possibilities are endless!

But you are in luck! You have come to the right place!

When I first began to communicate with angels, I was in a pretty dreadful state.

I was alone in a hideous, dark, depressing bedsit, I was totally broke, I had no job and no hope, I was overweight and I had broken up with my soulmate after sixteen years together.

I really was completely miserable and I had no desire to keep on living. Except for one thing. I really really really really anted to know what had gone wrong.

Because I had read all the self help books….Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, even ‘The Secret’. And I had done all the workshops, listened to all the meditations, I had chanted, visualised, affirmed and even done witchcraft.

I HAD SPENT A FORTUNE ON SELF HELP! None of it had worked!

And worse than that, I was still none the wiser about who it was or what it was that was up there deciding that I could not have the money, the great career, the fame, the beautiful house, the boyfriend. Why not me?

And so I decided to have one last go at it, to give whatever it was up there one more chance. I wrote a question on a piece of paper. Addressed to the angels. ‘I don’t know if I believe in angels’, I wrote. ‘But if you are up there, I would like some help with a few things…’

And the angels wrote back.

They began to advise me on everything that I wanted and how to get it.

And they were so successful that I now find myself channelling angels for other people and teaching them how to do it for themselves.

Hi Victoria
Hey Victoria

Let me help you – Media Training

After almost 25 years interviewing people for newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as researching documentaries for TV, I have discovered two things:

  1. Everybody has a story! And everyone is interesting.
  2. Most people get nervous/anxious/agitated/panicked/sweaty at the thought of being interviewed!

I LOVE to interview people about what they do, I LOVE to help them feel happy about the experience, and I especially love to interview people who have set up their own business.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk to all kinds of amazing, fascinating, entertaining and wondrous people…

Channelling your Angel Self

I channel angel guidance for myself any time that I am not happy with a situation in my life, and for other people when they are not happy with a situation in their lives. It may be a small thing that I ask for help with….. for example it may be just that I feel pissed off with someone, or worried about money, or frustrated with the lousy weather!

Or it may be that someone I am close to is having a hard time and I want to know how I can help them, or even how I can stop myself interfering and trying to get them to do what I think they should do!

See how Victoria works with the Angels

and how they can help you!

Gardening Yoga

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Speaking Suppers

Speaking Suppers hosted by Victoria Mary Clarke and Sarah Leahy take place at various venues globally.

YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEAK at a Speaking Supper

but if you do, it gives you an opportunity to practise speaking in front of an audience of diners in a relaxed, fun, informal

setting and to receive encouragement and positive feedback.

The emphasis is not on being a brilliant speech writer or even a scintillating speaker, it is more focused on improving your confidence

when speaking in public and being authentic even if you are totally terrified, especially when you are totally terrified.

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