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One of the main reasons that human beings love stories is because they can help us to learn useful strategies for dealing with life’s many ups and downs and rocky patches.  When we are struggling with grief, or loss or money worries or health challenges or any of the many, many things that we struggle with……even just that thing of wondering if other people will think we are ugly or not good enough……we read stories about people who have MUCH bigger problems and challenges than we have, people who get through those challenges and tell us ‘Hey, I got through it and you can too!”.  These people’s stories are often featured in the media, and they can really lift our spirits when we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.
One absolutely AMAZING and totally awe-inspiring story that I recently read nujeenwas about a teenage girl from Syria called Nujeen Mustafa.  Nujeen is a refugee (she absolutely detests the word refugee, more than any other word in the English language, she says it means a second class citizen, someone that everyone wishes would go away).  She made the journey from war-torn Aleppo in her wheelchair on a rubber dinghy to the Greek island of Lesbos, and is now waiting for asylum in Germany. To help her with the sheer terror of the journey, she practiced breathing exercises that she learned from watching ‘Brain Games’ on National Geographic, which showed how feelings of fear and panic are controlled by the brain.  She breathed deeply and told herself over and over that she was strong.
This amazing child’s courage, curiosity, sense of humour and of the absurd and her deep love for her family, as well as her incredible, beautiful descriptive powers will captivate you and charm you, when you read her story, but they will also inspire you with hope.  Even though she tells us that she worries that her ‘teeth are big and goofy and my eyes roll around and go cross eyed and my glasses are always falling off my nose’ I think you will see that having read her story it is impossible not to love her!
Check out her new book, and see for yourself!
Nujeen: One girl’s Incredible Journey from War Torn Syria in a Wheelchair by Nujeen Mustafa and Christina Lamb  Harper Collins
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