Is Your Child a Genius?

When you want to raise your profile, it helps to think outside the box. Do you have something interesting/weird/unusual/wonderful to share with the media that might make a lovely feature for radio/telly/magazines/papers?

Do you happen to have a genius child?

Journalist Chrissie Russell created a lovely feature article for the Independent using the stories of a collection of parents with children of above average intelligence. The article was prompted by Channel 4 running a ‘Child Genius’ series, and as often happens, this triggered the media to want ‘real life’ versions to write about and talk to. (You will notice that this happens whenever there is a TV show about a topic, so be on the lookout for opportunities to be that ‘real life’ version yourself!)

Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin was the lucky parent who got the full colour, full page photo for the piece, and being an author and business owner, it will not only boost her profile, but it will also drive traffic to her website and probably increase sales of her books. The added bonus is that Vanessa and all the other parents can share the article on social media, and the Independent will also be sharing the online version on their social media, boosting profiles all round!

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