This is the action and implementation course for anyone who has already completed ‘Magnetising Your Tribe With The Media’ and who is ready to delve deep into everything that you have learned and have guidance every step of the way as you take action and get the publicity that you want to get so that you can reach the people who want and need what you have to offer!

The course is limited to 8 participants so that I can check in with everyone on each call and make sure that you are all making progress and getting exactly what you need.  It will be EXTREMELY interactive and I may be asking you to do some of the work while we are live on the calls.

Each module will contain a CHANNELLED guided meditation for you, which will be available as an MP3 afterwards.

The aim of the course is for you to get all the help that you would get if you were working with me as a VIP one to one client, all from the comfort of your own home!  As usual, there will be a private FB Group for ongoing support and each module will be recorded for you.






Module One:

Your Story and how to use it

In module one, we revisit everything you have learned about your personal story, your business story and how to use it to best serve your message.  We will take a good look at your message and what parts of your story can help to illustrate it for you.  We will look at how to know what to leave out, what to emphasise and when and how best to adapt your story to fit the different media channels.  You will get complete clarity on your story and what it can do for you.  We will have a guided meditation to connect you to the energy of your own story and your own Purpose

Module Two

Your Media Channels and how to know them

We will revisit the media channels that are available and look at how you can identify the right ones for you and your business, and we will get you building rapport with them immediately.  We will have a guided meditation to enhance your own inner guidance and intuition so that you can know which media channels are right for you

Module Three

Preparing to Pitch

We will revisit the ‘Preparing to Pitch’ module with another guided meditation, and a look at everything you need to have in place before you start to pitch.  We will have a guided meditation to get your energy as vibrant and magnetic as possible for the media!

Module Four

Pitching Yourself Out There

In this module we dive deep into your pitching skills, with hot seat coaching for everyone on how you are pitching, what you are doing well and what needs work.  We will have a guided meditation for procrastination!!!

Module Five

Dismantling the Doubts/Crushing it on Radio

In this module we will be addressing how you can deal with the doubts and fears that arise when you are putting yourself out there.  We will be doing energy work to dismantle and obliterate the energy of doubts and clearing the way for you to shine.  In this module we will also look at how best to present yourself in a radio interview, with expert advice from some radio hosts.

Module Six

Tuned in or tuned out? / Being Your Best on a Podcast

In this module we will work on ‘How to know when you are tuned in and how to know when you are tuned out’.  This examines how you can know when you are on track, on course and in the flow and how you know when you are coming from your head, frying your brain and putting out stress energy!  This final module will cover podcasts and blogs, what you need to be aware of when doing podcast and blog interviews and how to maximise potential reach with them.


Module Seven

How to be Brilliant in Print/ Overcoming Self Sabotage

In this module we will cover magazine and newspaper interviews, how best to prepare and present yourself, what journos love and what they hate!  Also with advice from working editors and journalists.  We will also work on the ways in which you might be sabotaging yourself and what to do about it.  We will also cover writing your own material for mags/papers, how to identify the kind of stories that they will want!

Module Eight

The Big Finale/ Being Magnetic on TV

We will  revise everything that you have learned on the course, so that you are ready to journey on and make an impact to make a difference!  We will also  look at television, and how to present yourself in TV interviews.  We will also deep dive into how to create and pitch a TV show or series of your own, with expert advice from my contacts in the TV production world.


The course will run at the usual time of 3.30 pm on Wednesday afternoons (GMT) and you will receive an email with the link for the calls, as well as the dates for the course.  There will be two modules each month and it will run for four months.  As usual, there will be a private FB Group for you to share your experiences and support each other and to ask questions and get help.

The cost of the course is 997 Euro

Early Bird is 597 Euro

There are 2 options for Early Bird payment (Early Bird ends Sunday November 4 at midnight)

Pay in full option.  For this you make one payment of 597 Euro.  Click ‘Buy now’ button to enroll.

Pay Now option

Payment plan option.  For this you will pay 97 Euro per month for 8 months, totalling 776 Euro.  Click the ‘subscribe’ button to enroll.

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