Using your home?????  It may seem like a strange idea. 
Maybe your business has nothing to do with your home? 
Maybe your business is not even the tiniest bit domestic, maybe you sell car tyres or fishing equipment or computers. 
But you still want to reach a wide audience of real human beings who might want to buy your product for themselves, or might want to recommend you to a friend. 
A colour feature across two full pages of a leading Sunday newspaper would reach a lot of human beings.
The LA Times has a readership of 2.4 million people every Sunday, The New York Times almost 2 million people, The Sunday Times has over 2 million readers and The Sunday Independent (Ireland) has almost a million.  Getting yourself featured can be a huge boost to your profile.  And if the feature is really interesting, people will remember it and tell their friends about it for weaks, months, even years.
All you need is an interesting home and a bit of a story.

Take Anne McEntegart, for example.  Anne owns a pharmacy.  Not an easy thing to publicise, unless something goes hideously wrong, and somebody sues.  But Anne has an unusual house, which started life as a dilapidated cottage and got totally renovated into a bright, modern, eco-friendly home.  Because Anne was willing to have her home photographed, and to give a little interview about it, she also got an opportunity to describe the story of her business, and to let us know about her as a


person, which allows us to relate to her, and in turn to want to support her in her business.  So if your home is interesting, unusual, cute, quaint, quirky, fabulous, fantastic, get straight onto the ‘home and garden’ editors of your local Sunday (and Saturday) papers and find out if it can create some media magic for you!
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