How do you FEEL about getting publicity?  Do you feel always optimistic, joyful, and certain that the response will be wonderful and fabulous?

I dont!!!

One thing that I have noticed about my publicity journey and that of my clients is that the results that I get and more importantly the way that I FEEL about what I am getting depends on the way that I am already feeling.  So if I am having a lousy day and the weather is gloomy and I am feeling frustrated/disappointed/overwhelmed/underwhelmed/anxious/depressed/miserable/hard done by/pissed off/sad/angry/bitter/resentful etc etc etc then the results that I get are always tinged with those feelings, I always feel like they are never enough, never good enough.  If I get results at all!  Quite often I just give up trying because I think ‘What’s the point of letting myself get rejected/disappointed?’

So what do I do?

I discovered almost by accident that after I have been working with a client and focussing all of my energy and intention on helping them, I am always in a really good place myself, feeling positive, optimistic, uplifted and buzzed as well as grateful to be alive and doing this work.

So I asked myself why this is, and how I can make use of it when I am feeling bad.

The answer that came to me is that when I am focussed on helping someone else, my heart is OPEN!  I am in my ‘Higher Self’ state, open to possibilities and wisdom and creativity and all that good stuff!

When I focus on myself and the things I want to get, quite often my old programmes of disappointment pop up without my even realising it.  Some of the time they sabotage me completely by getting me to stop trying and just go shopping or go the the movies.  Some days it is like wading through treacle just getting the work done.  If it gets done!

So what is the answer?

Part of the answer is to become very aware of what is happening.  Become very aware of when I am feeling anything other than inspired.  So if I am feeling the familiar feelings of resentment, envy, hopelessness, despair, rage, frustration, anxiety etc I have to STOP.  I have to press PAUSE.  And just change the record!  I have to consciously make the effort to open my heart and raise my vibration so that I am feeling open to receive the support and love and encouragement and prosperity and creativity and energy that I want.

How do I do it?  Whenever it is possible, I try to get myself outside for a walk in the park or by the beach, to clear my energy.  Or I might have a salt bath and play some uplifting music and light some incense.  But most often, I just listen to a guided meditation to open my heart.  There are LOADS of these on youtube, and I vary which ones I use, but as long as the intention is there to open to love and to release all the other stuff, it usually doesn’t matter which one I use.

The other thing to be aware of is that when you open a closed heart, it can be a very emotional experience.  A whole lot of sadness and anger that has been repressed in there can come flooding out!  So it is a good idea to have some support from a professional therapist if you start to feel overwhelmed.

What happens when you get past the sadness and the anger and you start to feel love?

You begin to feel complete in yourself regardless of what happens with your publicity, so you can easily detach from the outcome, which means that you can put your work out in the world as an unconditional offering of love, your work becomes a way to love the world.  And you don’t get anxious about what will happen!

Paradoxically, because you have detached and because you are feeling generous and safe and abundant and peaceful and energised and radiant, you immediately become MAGNETIC to more of that energy and to other people who love what you are offering.  What they are loving is your new radiant energy, in whatever form you choose to share it.  And when you are open and receptive, you can appreciate everything that you receive, you don’t reject any of it or judge it or dismiss it, you are in a state of welcoming the response.  And people start to respond!  Try it!  And if you need help, I love to work with people at this level because I feel that it is FUNDAMENTAL to receiving anything good in your life to be open to receive.  And that includes publicity, but it also includes the response that you get to the publicity, which is people loving what you are offering!

And please do check out my upcoming seminar in Dublin where we will be covering all aspects of getting publicity for your work

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