Preparing for a Radio Interview

How do you prepare for a radio interview?

Lots of my clients have been getting themselves interviewed on the radio and of course that is a really great buzz and a very effective way to let the world know what you are doing and what you have to offer.  But I do notice that it is a common thing to get so carried away by the fun and excitement that it is easy to forget to PREPARE for the interviews, so that you can really reach people and create actual business as a result!  I know from experience how easy it can be to just let the interviewer take over and to just sit back and answer the questions, without any thoughts about guiding the process to the stuff you really want to talk about.  It has happened to me many, many times!  Maybe it is because I am a bit of a people pleaser!  So how can you prepare for a radio interview and still ensure that the interviewer gets what they want?

1.Set a clear intention for the outcome.  vic-olga-radio

What do you want from doing the interview?  Do you want people to learn about your business and how it might be helpful for them?  Maybe you are selling handmade soap and you know that your soap is the best in the world and if only the world knew about it, they would all want to buy it?  Imagine the feeling that you will have when millions of people are buying your soap and using it and LOVING it and emailing you and tweeting you and sharing about you on FB and generally RAVING about your product.  What will that feel like?  The power of visualisation and of generating the feelings that you want to experience is HUGE.  The Law of Attraction says that you need to vibrate at the frequency of the events and circumstances that you want to magnetise and manifest.  So begin with the feeling and vibration of what success will be for you.  Imagine that you can send an energetic message to everyone in the world who will benefit from your soap.  You might like to see them as millions of light-bulbs or fairy lights all being lit up by your soap.  Have fun and spend time playing with your visualisations!

2.Have a cool story to tell.

Think about the message that you want to get across. Maybe your soap is a result of your lifelong passion for cleaning?  Maybe your grand -parents made soap?  Maybe it is a family business?  Maybe you have overcome some challenges to get to where you are today?  We love a story and we love a fairytale, so spend some time crafting your story so that it grabs people emotionally and makes them really want to find out more and to check you out!

3.Build rapport with your interviewer.

Think about how you like to be treated in a conversation.  We all like a little bit of positive attention!  Don’t make the whole interview about you, always acknowledge the interviewer and his or her attributes.  Pay them a genuine compliment, ask for their opinion about something that you are discussing, involve them in the conversation.  And dont forget to use your NLP skills to mirror body language, verbal language, pace and tone so that you can be an effective influencer!

4.Relax and enjoy yourself!

If you are relaxed and having fun, this is contagious and the audience listening in will begin to relax and feel better.  People always respond more positively when they feel good!

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