Promoting your Stuff with Heart and Soul, 13th November

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originalIf you are struggling with the very IDEA of ‘promotion’, if you feel anxious, uncomfortable or downright queasy when it comes to ‘selling’ your stuff (whatever that might be) or if you feel like an imposter who will have rotten tomatoes thrown at you if you so much as post something on FB about your business, but if you suspect deep down that you have something wonderful, helpful and valuable to offer the world and you really, really do want people to know about it, this day is for you!!!
Presented by me, Victoria Mary Clarke, Media Coach, Angel Channeller, journalist, broadcaster, best selling author and international awesome celebrity, this seminar is designed to weed out ALL the gremlins that your inner critic is using to STOP you shining your light for the world to see and to KEEP you small and hidden away from view. 

Once we have found the gremlins, we shine a really, really bright light on them and watch them dissolve and melt and get teensy weensy on the floor.

Then we access all of the truly empowering, uplifting, exciting, inspiring, motivating, big, bright, shiny thoughts, beliefs and feelings that will make you SUPERCHARGED with enthusiasm for sharing your stuff with the world (and we nail down the necessary tools to keep you on track)

By the end of the day there will be no stopping you, you will be rearing to go on telly, on the radio, on social media, on a soap box on the street with a megaphone………EVERYWHERE people can hear about and benefit from your stuff!!!!

The Central Hotel – 1-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

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