Many of the people who come to me for media coaching tell me that they hate the sound of their own voice, and that they want to change it before they are willing to do interviews on telly and radio.
They quite often say that their regional accents embarrass them and make them feel less attractive and less articulate.
But is this really true?
Do regional accents put people off?
Should you smooth out the way that you speak?
My answer is this.
If you can become comfortable with being authentically YOU, other people will sense that you are comfortable and this will automatically put your listeners at ease too.  
But if you feel awkward and unattractive and ‘not good enough’ people will sense your discomfort and pick up feelings of being uneasy on your behalf.
Yes, it is great to make yourself understood in interviews, but this can be done by speaking ore clearly and distinctly, by taking your time, by perhaps enunciating certain words.
But it is MUCH more charming to be yourself and be natural than to try to hard to be ‘posh’ when you are speaking!
Check out the O Donovan brothers from Skibbereen who won the silver medal for rowing in this year’s Olympics…..they speak with GORGEOUS Cork accents, and their TV interviews have gone viral.
Yes, I can help you to speak clearly and distinctly.  But no, I would not recommend that you get rid of a regional accent! donovan brothers
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