Maybe you are a bit nervous about being interviewed?  Perhaps the journalist is someone that you know well?  Is it ever a good idea to get drunk while being interviewed?
The jury is out on this one!  Some of our most famous (and notoripete dohertyous) actors, musicians, writers, fashion designers and other creatives have been known to get drunk and sometimes to behave badly during interviews, hurling insults, hurling furniture, or even actually hurling!  The late, great Elizabeth Taylor, her occasional husband Richard Burton, such giants as Oliver Reed and Peter O Toole, and more recently Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty spring to mind.  Sometimes, this adds to the drama in a way that makes the media hungry for more, because people love drama.  But at what cost?  
Jilly CooperJilly Cooper OBE, the best selling author of such ‘bonkbusters’ as ‘Riders’, ‘Polo’ and ‘Score!” recently featured in a cover article in the Sunday Times magazine, in which she and the interviewer Camilla Long ‘toss more white wine down our throats’ while Jilly describes the artist Grayson Perry as a ‘wanker’ who is ‘without talent’. 
Towards the end of the interview, Camilla Long says that ‘brightens, preparing to take me on a drunken tour of her beautiful lawn.’  She is later described as ‘begging me not to mention any unpleasantness,’ a request which is ignored.
I have interviewed Jilly at her home and she is well known for being frank, open and even perhaps shocking in her descriptions of her own sex life and those of the people that she knows. 
But one senses that in this interview, which she is giving to promote ‘Mount’ the first book since the death of Leo, her husband of 52 years (who died while she was writing it) that she is not quite aware of exactly what she is saying.  While it makes for an entertaining read, it also makes me think that it might be a good idea for most people to wait until after the interview is over and the journalist has left to break out the white wine!
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