Is it a good idea to shag a celebrity, if you want to increase your profile in the media?
The short answer is that there are two answers.
The first is yes, it can really work wonders for your profile. 
The power and influence of celebrity is such that anyone who gets into any kind of relationship with a famous person can become famous by association. 
I should know!

I have become well known as a result of having a famous partner (Shane Mac Gowan) and this has resulted in all kinds of global media exposure, including countless television documentaries, newspaper, radio, magazine and even prime time news interviews, and my personal favourite, a pop video directed by and starring Johnny Depp where I get to play his girlfriend and beat him up with my handbag. That Woman’s Got Me Drinking video.

My profile has been raised enormously by this association.

And we can all think of many, many other people who we might never have heard of, had they not been in relationships with famous people, however short or scandalous the relationships have been. 
Think Monica Lewinsky, Rebecca Loos, Jesus Luz, Carlos Leon (Madonna) Soon Yi Previn (Woody Allen).

Even people who are already relatively well known in their fields can go stratospheric when they hook up with someone who is already stratospheric.  We might never have heard of

Amber Heard, had it not been for Johnny Depp, likewise Amal Alamuddin (now Clooney) John Mayer and Justin Theroux, Romain Dauriac (Scarlett Johansson).

So the answer is yes.
But there is another answer.
You can get a lot of exposure, by hooking up with a celebrity.  But eventually, you have to come up with the goods, or else people will lose interest in you. By coming up with the goods, I mean that you have to have something to offer, something that interests people, inspires them or causes them to want to know more.  The celebrity is your introduction to the world, your calling card. But the rest is up to you.  Do you have something that people will be interested in? 
Monica Lewinsky has gone on to have a hugely successful career as a motivational speaker, after her TED talk on shame got over 8 million hits. Monica Lewinsky TED Talk 
Amal Clooney continues to have a successful career as a human rights lawyer, author and activist, and she has used the platform that her marriage to George Clooney gave her to highlight the work that she is doing.  So you can use celebrity-by-association to bring attention to charities, causes, campaigns, events, products and services, literally ANYTHING that the public may be interested.  
How far should you go, to publicise your stuff?
Only you can answer that!
PS Schedule a free Media Strategy Call with me to find out what YOU have to offer and how you can get the word out about you! 
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