ladyhorseEver since horses started to be photographed and painted a million years ago, men and women have posed with them, looking sensational or stylish or striking (or not).  Either way, horses are a seriously great prop for selling any kind of accoutrements.  If you make or sell hats, clothes, accessories, boots, or even dodgy raincoats you need to get to the horse shows (like the RDS Dublin Horse Show) and to the races (like the Galway Races and Royal Ascot) and SHOW OFF YOUR STUFF!


You can either wear it yourself, have a celebrity wear it, have HM The Queen wear it, or have a good looking friend or model wear it.  Just make sure you enter any of the best dressed competitions.  It does NOT matter if you don’t win!  The mere fact that you entered and got on the stage means that you will be photographed and filmed.  All of the newspapers carry photos of the ladies at the races and at the Horse Show as do the magazines like VIP and HELLO and OK.  Horse racing is a situation where people will pay through the nose to get noticed!!!

If your stuff is truly sensational you will undoubtedly get noticed and you may get orders.  Ps Schedule a FREE call with me to see how you can make the most of all the opportunities for free publicity that are available to you! Britain_Royal_Ascot.JPEG-0e_1 hats

Doris_Day_-_1957 queenhorse

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