reiki_healing_hands-300x199Sometimes as healers we really really want people to get well.  And it can feel as if we are willing them to get will or even trying to make them get well.  It doesnt always work!  I asked the angels what is the best way to help other people to heal…..


It is important for you to know that there is something useful that you can do in this situation. It may not seem like the most effective thing to do, because it is more of a non-doing than a doing. There will be no force involved. Instead of trying to heal the person, we suggest that you let go of all trying, let go of all effort. Instead, we suggest that you take some time to still your mind, so that you can drop back into a state of pure awareness, a state of simply being, rather than one of doing. By doing this, paradoxically, you will bring yourself to a state of ease, rather than one of disease. You will bring yourself to a state of accepting, rather than trying. To a state of peace with what is. And in this state, you will naturally let go of needing anything to be different. You will feel peaceful and joyful and you will know for certain that everything is perfectly all right as it is, and that there is nothing to fear.

In this state, you will create your own atmosphere of wholeness and of healing. And this is a very useful state to be in, if you want to assist other people to heal. Simply think of them, while you are in this state, and include them in your energy. But it is merely an invitation, it is not an attempt to force anyone to heal! By accessing this level of awareness yourself, you can make it easier for another person to access it too. The state is contagious, no matter how agitated a person has become. Which is why people who meditate can profoundly affect other people, without those people having to be consciously aware of having been influenced.

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