Springboard Session

Magnetise media, make your message heard, manifest your destiny, and make a difference in the world.

Do you want to learn the secrets to using free publicity to get your work out to the world, to maximise your impact and make a difference?

Do you want to make sure that your message is reaching every single one of your potential clients clearly, effortlessly and effectively so that you can serve more people, make more money and get glowing testimonials?

Do you want to get clear on exactly who to pitch in the media for FREE publicity that directly reaches your customers?

Do you want to become confident in telling your own story in a way that inspires millions of people and changes lives for the better?

Have you had enough of getting in your own way, making excuses, hiding yourself away from the world, procrastinating, waiting for inspiration and generally watching other people take the ball and run with it while you sit back and watch?

Do you just need a helping hand, a proper push, a realistic, sensible, easy to follow strategy and a way to get rid of the inner critic, the self sabotage and the ‘not quite ready’ gremlins?

Maybe you have held yourself back from getting publicity because you are clueless about where to start.

Maybe you don’t know what your story is or how to frame it for the media.

Maybe your problem is shyness, being self conscious, worrying about what people will think or say about you.

Maybe you have ‘imposter syndrome’ and worry that people will see that you are not good enough.

Maybe you worry about being tongue tied or freezing or sounding clueless?

Maybe you just know you need to be more media savvy?

And so you have asked the Universe to send you some help!  

And here it is.  

My Springboard Session is a one to one masterclass that will change your life!

An opportunity to work directly with me on getting publicity for you. 

Everything you need to get your energy exactly right for magnetising the media opportunities that are right for you.

Easy and effective ways to identify the media channels that will work for you, and how to know who to pitch and when to do it

Everything that you need to craft and communicate your message clearly and effectively, so that you are seen and heard by those people that you can best serve.  

Everything you need to get you taking the baby steps in a way that serves you and your needs as well as those of your clients

Everything you need to align you energetically with the right media people and channels

Help and guidance, encouragement, support and strategies that work for you

The springboard session is a VIP day for us to work together (your place, my place or online)  entirely focussed on you, your business and how we can best start getting you out there.


By the end of the day you will have

1. A clear picture of which media channels are right for you

2. The confidence and clarity of vision to immediately start pitching to them

3. Honed your own unique story in a way that will get the attention of the media and sell your brand and message

4. My insider info on where to find the media contacts and how to approach them so that they will want to feature you

5. Everything you need to land your first piece of publicity, nail it and start reaching your clients

6. Your unique way to manifest your destiny and make a difference in the world


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