The 5’B’s of being a media darling

Does such a thing as a ‘media darling’ really exist?

If so, what is it?  And what use is it?

If you have something to promote/market sell the hell out of, then read on!!!

It doesn’t matter whether what you are offering is bean to bar chocolate, cool coffee, a dating agency, a life coaching service, a bakery, a plumbers or a woolly jumper knitters, everyone needs customers.  And everyone needs an easy, effective and affordable way to reach as many genuine customers as possible, so that we can sell  our chocolate/jumpers/plumbing/coffee. Agreed?

Using the media (by this I mean newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows and online publications/blogs) is not only a great way to reach millions of people, it means doing so with the added bonus of ‘social proof’ and a seal of approval fro an established brand, as well as giving you content to share on social media which attracts, intrigues and inspires your customers!

If your customers love Vogue and Vogue loves you, they will be far more interested in you than in somebody that does not have the Vogue seal of approval.  Likewise if your customers love ‘Vice’ or ‘Horse and Hound’ or ‘Motorhome Monthly’….

Before you freak out, I am not talking about paid advertising, I am talking about getting yourself FEATURED for free by becoming the CONTENT that newspaper and magazine editors NEED to create their product, and that TV and radio producers require in order to function.

Being a media darling is a WIN WIN for everyone involved!  If I write about you in a newspaper, you are doing me a favour by giving me something to write about so that I can get paid.  My editor gets content that sells the paper.  The readers get to hear about you….they were just going crazy searching for the perfect coffee/dating agency/bakery/woolly jumper!  And YOU win because you get paid to do what you do!

So far so good.

But how do you become the kind of person/company that journalists and producers DREAM of using, and how do you become the type of person that they return to over and over again?  How do you become the type of person that they go out of their way bending over backwards to help and promote?

You become a media darling, that’s how!

Okay, you are probably getting scared.  Visions of Ab Fab are running through your head and you think ‘Oh no!  I cant wear Lacroix and Versace and go around permanently pissed on Bolly, air kissing everyone and calling them ‘babe’ and generally licking their posterior parts!!!!

It is ok!!!!  You don’t need to do any of this stuff, not unless you want to.

I have interviewed thousands of people for newspapers, magazines and radio over the years and I have made a careful study of what makes people effective, and what makes people truly a dream to work with, what makes you as the journalist or presenter really want to go out of your way to help and promote people.

kelliRecently, I interviewed a young couple called Kelli and Patrick from the Proper Chocolate Company.  These guys make artisan, bean to bar chocolate, and I interviewed them on my radio show.  The following week, I interviewed them for a Sunday newspaper.  Then I found myself spontaneously calling television and radio shows to get them featured, even though I was not officially working for them as a media coach.

Why did I do this?

Because I knew that they had everything that would make them a joy to work with. And when I sat down and thought about what exactly that is, I came up with this, the 5 B’s of becoming a media darling.




1.Be sure you have something wonderful, cool, interesting, amazing, or different to offer the world, that people will want to know about.

2.Be passionate and knowledgeable about that thing that you are offering, be committed to it and to promoting it.

3. Be someone that is a delight to talk to, a pleasure to be with, someone who is pleasant, helpful, patient, considerate and co-operative, appreciative and grateful for any help that you get.

4. Be available.  Be ready to be interviewed, photographed and filmed when needed. Make our lives easy!   

5. Be pro-active and prepared.  Reach out to people in the media, tell us what you do and tell us why you will make great content for us without being pushy or a pain!   Be prepared to tell your   story in a way that is engaging and interesting and suitable for our audience/demographic, and ideally do your research and know what makes us tick as people

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