The surprising secret to writing powerful press releases.
People are ALWAYS asking me about press releases.  They want to know how to write them PROPERLY so that people will
1. Read them rather than ignore them
2. Act on them.

They want published articles and they want PUBLICITY to get their biz NOTICED.

The thing is, there is one surprising secret to getting this right.  And weirdly, it has very little to do with how you write your press release!  The truth is, you could scribble your press release in biro on a brown paper bag, if you got this ingredient right and PEOPLE WOULD LOVE IT!  They would publish articles about you and you would get noticed.

So what is my secret ingredient?

Is it the right amount of words, the right font, the right clever language?
Is it having great graphics and lovely high res images?
Is it knowing exactly when to send it?

The answer is no!

These are not magical keys, guaranteed to get you what you want.
Before I reveal what the secret magic ingredient IS, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever been asked out on a date by someone you just didn’t in a million years fancy?

If yes, read on.  Even if you can IMAGINE this scenario, read on.

So did it matter what he/she was wearing?
Did it matter what car he/she was driving?  (for some of you this might have been a deal breaker!)
Did it matter what he/she said?
Did it make any difference what time they showed up?

If you don’t fancy someone, you just don’t fancy them.  It doesn’t matter how they dress themselves up.  Sure, they can get your attention by arriving in a Rolls or a limo wearing flashy designer clothes and offering to take you to Bali.  But the truth is, these external trappings are not going to really sell you and make you love them (unless you are pretty shallow!)

So ask yourself this question.

If the journalist/researcher/producer/editor that I am approaching with my press release genuinely doesn’t fancy what I am offering, will the size of my font make any difference?
The answer is no!!!!!

If an editor cannot use the story that you are trying to flog, if it is simply not the right fit for the publication, if it is not what they are looking for, then it truly wont make any difference how fancy your press release is.

I have learned this the hard way, by writing pitches that I loved, that I thought were clever, wonderful, awesome, amazing, beautifully written and magically presented.
But when people didn’t want them, they just didn’t want them!  It didn’t matter that I had written for Vogue!!!
BUT on the other hand, if the editor/producer is LOOKING for what you are offering, then you really can scribble it on a paper bag!

Because speaking as a journalist myself, with 25 years experience of writing for publications that include national newspapers like The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Independent and The Irish Times as well as magazines like Paris Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, Grazia and Marie Claire, when I have a story that they WANT all I need to do is send one tiny sentence.  Most of my work gets pitched in a TEXT MESSAGE.  And if I really hit the right note, I can send that text message at three in the morning if I want to.  Because what matters is that by pitching that idea I am SOLVING A PROBLEM for that editor, giving him or her what she NEEDS and WANTS.

Sure, it is nice to use lovely fonts and lovely language and nice clever phrases.  But ultimately these are NOT the secret ingredient to getting stuff published/broadcasted.

The secret ingredient is GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT.

You need to get to know these editors.
You need to know what they can use and what they cant use.
You need to know what they will love and what will make their lives easier.
You need to think far more and them and what they need than about you and how wonderful your stuff is.

That is worth repeating, so I will say it again.

You need to think more about THEM and what they want than about YOU and what you want and how great your message is.
The biggest mistake that most people (including PR companies) make is thinking about what THEY WANT instead of looking for a win /win.
When you think about how you can solve a problem for a journalist, you are thinking about a win/win, and people will want to work with you.

For more on this and for ideas on how YOU can give editors what they want to get YOUR stuff publicised, schedule a FREE consultation with me:

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