Too shy to promote yourself?  Practice promoting someone else!

Lots and lots and lots of people tell me that they are too shy to put themselves forward for publicity, maybe because they are afraid of rejection/attention/approval/criticism/being seen.

I understand the problem and I work with people all of the time to gently show them how to build confidence in a safe, supportive way.  One of the really great ways that I have come across is to forget about yourself for a while and PROMOTE SOMEONE ELSE!

Every single one of my shy clients tells me that they wouldn’t hesitate to promote a friend or indeed anyone else that they thought deserved to be recognised and known about.  If it is their brother/sister/niece/cousin/friend there is no hesitation.  When I ask people why they think this is, they tell me that it is because that person is really good at what they do and therefore deserves promotion.

Obviously, my goal is to move people past this and to get them to feel that way about promoting themselves.  img_00231But it can be extremely useful to take advantage of this willingness to promote someone else to get them to dip their toes in the water and gain experience and knowledge of pitching an idea to the media.  Think about it.  If you tell me that your friend Rachel is making the most absolutely amazing moisturiser and that the whole world needs to know about it, that is a powerful incentive to start calling journalists/researchers/producers/editors  to get Rachel the attention that she deserves!

So what I suggest is that if you feel passionately about someone else’s business/product/service, you start contacting every media channel that is remotely relevant and telling them that they need to feature that person.  In this way, you are doing the media a HUGE service.  If editors/producers/researchers don’t know what their audience wants, how can they deliver a good product?  Audience research is a huge part of how every media channel produces content.  So they LOVE it when real human beings let them know about stuff they want to see featured.

In the process of promoting someone else, you will gain very useful knowledge, as you search the websites and twitter accounts for relevant phone numbers/emails/social media accounts.  You will find out the names of the people and you will start to build relationships with them, especially if they like the ideas that you give them.  I quite often recommend people to television and radio shows as well as newspapers and magazines just because I happen to think that they have a great product, and I am always being thanked for doing this.  I may never even meet the people that I recommend, but that is not important because I am helping the media and building good relationships.  There is nothing as valuable as an unbiased recommendation!
Once you get comfortable with recommending other people, you will soon find that you are brave enough to recommend yourself……practice always builds confidence. And pretty soon it will become second nature to suggest yourself for the Financial Times or Forbes!

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