I have been communicating with angels for twenty years, but only in writing and verbally.  But I have always had a passion for art and I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, without ever thinking it was something that I could do as a ‘career’. I was inspired by seeing Johnny Depp’s paintings, and how much happiness he was getting from painting just for the sake of it, just to try to experience creativity in a new way. I began to paint angels.  I liked it just as much as I liked writing to them, and every morning I painted an angel, as a kind of meditation. In the old days I would not have even picked up a paint brush, I would have said to myself ‘what’s the point of painting? You won’t be any good, nobody will want to see them and you’ll be wasting your time.’  Hopelessness was my default setting. One day, I turned an angel into a design for a scarf, and I went online and found a place who would make the scarves in silk, hand rolled like the Hermes scarves. I would have told myself I was mad to try the scarves because I could only imagine failure and disappointment.  But if you take a chance on things and just ignore the inner critic, you can surprise yourself. I went ahead and started designing the scarves and getting them made and people seemed to like them, and to want them. Lots of great artists that I admire wanted them, not just Shane. Paul Simon asked for one, as did Nick Cave, Imelda May and lots of other amazing writers, artists and musicians.  But what is even more special is the real people, the total strangers from other countries who have been ordering them. A lady from Sweden bought two and then sent me pictures of herself wearing them. People are telling me that wearing the angels is giving them hope and helping them to focus on the positive and to feel good about themselves, which is exactly what they did for me and what I would want them to do for other people.  You can’t get better than that.  My collection of angel paintings and scarves is available now in the online shop

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