I have been wondering what the angels might think about the government of Ireland, or indeed the governments of all the other countries, because I cant help feeling that pretty much all governments are corrupt and incompetent.  I know this is  very negative, but try as I might,  I do not have any positive thoughts about the government.

I am assuming angels don’t think negatively.  So I asked them what they think.


I am assuming you have a more positive viewpoint than I do about our government, and I would be curious to know what it is. Also, do you think there is any hope of this country getting a decent government anytime soon?


From our perspective it would appear that there is very little support for your government, not only from the people of your country, but also from within the government itself!  Many people are critical of the way in which your country has been run.

Me.  That is an understatement.  The country is in a mess!

A.                    We understand that you feel that way.  We do not necessarily see it that way, but we understand your perspective.

Me.  So how do you see it?

A.                    Perhaps we can attempt to explain our position!  Supposing you were a painter, an artist who worked with colours.  In your studio, you might have many, many different coloured paints from which to choose.  In order to create new shades, you would often blend some of your existing paints.  Do you follow?

Me.  Yes of course.  I have often watched artists mixing paints to get a new colour.

A.                    As a result of this process, there will be many different shades created on the palette.  Some of them will be appealing, some of them not so appealing.  Some of them may look as though the artist has simply been ‘making a mess’.  But as a result of the experimentation, great works of art will often emerge.  Many of the works will also be experiments, and they may be discarded and painted over.  But if you ask any artist whether or not they paint perfect pictures without this process of experimentation, they will explain that not only is experimentation necessary, it is also highly enjoyable.  And an artist does not stop experimenting when the painting is finished.  He or she goes on to begin a new experiment.  The process of creation is one of infinite experimentation, and this applies to all of creation, not just the visual arts!  You yourself are a work of creation, and you are endlessly changing aspects of yourself and experimenting with the work of art that is your life.  As are all human beings.  You are all artists, engaged in the work of making masterpieces!  The difference between you is that some of you embrace this fact and others are frustrated and disturbed by it!

Me.  I get what you are saying.  I get that many of us, (me included) don’t like to feel that we are making a mess of our lives, we want them to be perfect!  But what has that got to do with the government?

A.                    Your government is no more or less perfect than you are!  And just as you are engaged in evolving your own life, it is also involved in a process of experimentation and evolution.  It is interesting that you judge it so harshly.  We do not judge you for judging your government harshly, but it may interest you to consider for a moment the way in which your government has evolved, in order that you can see more of the situation.  We often find that expanding one’s knowledge and understanding of a situation brings about greater levels of compassion for those involved!

Me.  Go on.

A.                    You may wish to consider the many and varied ways in which you as a group of people have collectively chosen to organise yourselves, throughout the history of your country, and of your world.  It may interest you to consider the fact that there have been times in your history when a person would have been excluded from the electoral process, because of their gender, or before that because of their religion.

Me.  Yes, I know.  And there was a time when all you had to do was get together a gang and kill the ruler of the province or country and you would get to be in charge!  I am aware that there have been worse ways of being governed in the past.  But I still think the present government have made a mess.

A.                    Indeed.  In that case, it may be useful to suggest a different way of running things.

Me.  Can you suggest a different way?

This conversation will be continued very soon!

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