michaelWhen I first started conversing with these angels, I had no idea who or what they were.

As far as I knew they could have been purely a figment of my own imagination.  

When I said this to them, they asked me if it mattered very much who they were, if the advice that they gave me was helpful.

I admitted that it didn’t matter to me all that much who they were, because their advice has always been on the money and extremely practical.  But people do ask me who these angels are and what they are, and so I requested an answer!  This is what they said:


You may be wondering who or what it is that is speaking to you.

We wish you to know that we are a collection of light beings who come to you in answer to your requests for assistance in your journey of evolution as human beings.

You are evolving into beings who can be simultaneously conscious of a physical existence and also of a spiritual or energetic one.

You are evolving into a race of beings who can be aware of yourselves as individuals, whilst at the same time aware of yourselves as one being.  It is a beautiful thing that you are doing and we foresee endless possibilities for joy in your existence.

We can be of assistance in holding a vision of this joy and in broadcasting frequencies of peace and love so that you can more easily access them in your minds.

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