tubridySarah and I have been doing loads of publicity for the Channelling Your Inner Bitch workshops.

We got on Tubridy, The RTE Today Show and had the cover of the Sunday Independent Living section.  And even though we are getting a very positive response, lots and lots of people telling us they NEED to be more clear and assertive about what they want and need in their relationships so that they can have more energy, more peace of mind and a sense of being heard and respected by the people in their lives, there is one big elephant in the room

which we had not even thought of!Channelling your inner bitch can mean having to be honest in situations that in the past you just let slide, pretended not to care about or really did not want to be honest about.  And that can be SCARY!!!!

freak-outAfter all, we generally pretend to be fine with things for a reason, we don’t want to rock the boat,boat upset the apple cart, apple_cart_-_rzcause trouble, start a row, or make people not like us!

And that is all fine, if the behaviour or the situations that we are putting up with are not causing us too much distress.  But if they are stressing us out, eating us up inside, making us angry and resentful so that we let the resentment spill over into other areas of our lives and affect the rest of our relationships, if they drag us down and cause us to feel like martyrs or doormats or hard done by or victimised, they can not only affect our health and our energy levels and our self esteem, they can also affect our ability to stay open to the love, abundance and fun that we do want to have in our lives, because the energy of resentment and feeling bitter closes our hearts and makes us just want to pull the duvet over our head and stay in bed forever eating chocolate ice cream and watching netflix………icecream

So yes, coming to a ‘Channelling Your Inner bitch’ workshop could take you out of your comfort zone.

You might have to admit to yourself what it is that you are putting up with from the people around you, what it is that is causing you to feel down.scary

You might have to think about what it is that you ideally want and need in these situations.

You will be invited to think about how the biggest bitches on the planet might respond, in the same situation.

You will be invited to try out a bit of role playing (in pairs) to see what that would be like.  You might be embarrassed about role playing, you might be embarrassed about even saying your name in a workshop situation.

If you get past this hurdle, you will be invited to think of a new strategy and a new way of responding to the people who are dissing you or making you unhappy.

You will have a ‘bitch buddy’ to support you in taking steps to try a new approach.

The worst that can happen is that you feel embarrassed.


The best that can happen is that you try a new approach with the people in your life who are bothering you and you get a different result, you get to be clear and honest and direct and you get heard.


People might not like you for it.

They might have got used to you letting them walk all over you.

We cant guarantee that it will be easy, if people stop liking you.

But we ask you to consider this…..were those people really worth your time and energy?

And isn’t it worth a little bit of discomfort for a lot more energy, peace of mind, self respect, freedom, self esteem and happiness?

Isn’t it worth liking yourself enough to stand up for yourself?ElizabethTaylor-photo19bw-540

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