dream home 2Before you build a house, you gather your bricks and mortar (and stuff) and dig the foundation.

Before you launch yourself out into the world, it helps to gather your raw materials and have a good look at them to see what kind of a profile you can build with them, and also to see how strong a foundation you have to support you mentally, emotionally, physically and every other way!

The first module of my Mega Media Savvy coaching course focuses on you, your story and your foundation.


In this session, I will probe and pry into every detail of your life, by asking you to tell me not just your own life story, but also the story of the business or entity that you want to promote.

Why? Because human beings are hot-wired to engage with STORIES more fully and completely and with more impact than through simple information. If you don’t believe me, check out http://lifehacker.com/5965703/the-science-of-storytelBen-Jerrys-founders-Ben-Cohen-and-Jerry-Greenfield.ling-why-telling-a-story-is-the-most-powerful-way-to-activate-our-brains. Or simply google ‘humans and stories’.

So your story is your way of connecting with and engaging your audience in the most powerful way possible.  It is like a treasure trove full of precious jewels.

jewelsSome of these jewels will already be visible to the world (like your beautiful eyes) and some will be hidden (like maybe your weird collection of vintage television sets or your insane knowledge of Royal trivia).

Some of them even you have never noticed or acknowledged. We will endeavour to dig them all out and polish them until they are radiant and sparkling.


When we think of people who have been successful at promoting themselves and their businesses or causes, we always think of their story.

richardbransonSir Richard Branson is a seriously successful business man who is a genius at using his own story to promote his stuff. When we hear his name, we generally get an instant visual of him hovering in a hot air balloon or jumping onto a space rocket or doing some other crazy, adrenalin-fuelled activity and always with a huge smile showing perfect white teeth. We know him as an action man, a daredevil, a risk-taker, an adventurer, but also as a family man and philanthropist. Most of us also know that he has had to face the challenge of being dyslexic, and that his house on Necker Island burned down, and that Eve, his mother was rescued by Kate Winslet. richardbransomsmumHe is not afraid to share his story as it unfolds, and because of that we become emotionally invested in his success and we root for him the way we root for Cinderella to get to the ball.

You don’t have to be Richard Branson to have a great story. The good news is that because no two humans are ever exactly the same, your story is unique to you and therefore already interesting!

Once we find out what it is about you that makes you you, we are already on the road to telling your story. In order to do this, we also look at what you value in life (do you care about saving the planet?

About helping other people? About a particular charity?) Do you love animals or Aston Martins? jagCooking or children or the countryside or football or gardening or music or motor-bikes? What makes you tick? cooking-with-kids

What do you HATE? What motivates you? What holds you back?

In particular we will be looking at what your beliefs are around publicity, promotion and being seen. For some people, there is a limit to how much exposure they are comfortable with. Perhaps they prefer not to be photographed.

For some people, exposure is fuel, they love attention! We don’t need to change anything about you, we just need to know where you are at, so that you can find a way to get publicity and still be happy and at peace. If you want to work on limiting beliefs about publicity, we can do that too. (I am a trained life coach and angel-channeller, which helps when working with beliefs)

We will be looking at your strengths.

londonmarathonshane and vic 2What will help you on your path? What do you have available to you, that you can start using? What connections? What else? When I first started out as a journalist, my aunt put me in touch with an editor that she went to school with, and he gave me my first commission, believe me it is a very worthwhile exercise to ask for help from friends and family!


Finally, we need to look at your goals. oprahWhat are your hopes and dreams? IMG_2049Where do you want to go? Being clear about where you want to get to gives us something to aim at, so we know when we have arrived. And when you share your hopes and dreams with the world, you will find that other people start to conspire to help you to get to the ball, just like you wanted Cinderella to!


You and Your Story is delivered as a 90 minute one-to-one session either in person or via Skype.

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